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Sardina Systems is expanding its free deployment of FishOS OpenStack offering to all European countries on Coronavirus lockdown

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Today Sardina Systems is widening on its offer announced a week ago offering free OpenStack private cloud deployment to Italy to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Sardina Systems is expanding this offer for free deployments of FishOS cloud to all European lockdown countries until the end of September.

In the light of the rapid escalation of the COVID-19 crisis, Sardina Systems is providing free deployment services and free FishOS OpenStack software license for 6 months to all businesses, research facilities, government organizations, media companies in Europe, with priority given to Spain, France, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Greece, and the UK.

"Europe is our home, and in these critical times of need, we are here to do our best we can to help. Together with the Executive team of Sardina, we have decided to urgently open our arms to all the European countries now under lockdown and offer free OpenStack cloud deployment to any business for 6 months,“ said Mihaela Constantinescu, CMO, Sardina Systems.

Italy, France, and Spain are among the European countries hardest-hit by the coronavirus, and all citizens are required to stay indoors for an indefinite period in an effort to slow the virus spread. During this time of uncertainty, enterprises need to slow down, spend less, trim expenses, focus on current customers, and be prepared for rapid adjustments. At the same time, research facilities and government organizations need flexible, optimized IT infrastructure.

The six months FishOS license offers services to deploy flexible, scalable and hyper-efficient clouds powered by Sardina FishOS OpenStack. Such deployments can be carried out rapidly — in as little time as an afternoon following hardware availability — so as to minimize further business disruption.

Sardina FishOS provides an OpenStack and Kubernetes platform to enable rapid deployment, efficient, reliable and scalable operations, and market-unique Zero-Downtime upgrade. FishOS powers large scale clouds at sites with broad use cases, including enterprise, research, major finance, and banking sites and commercial hosting sites.

Enterprises, research facilities and government organizations needing hosted private clouds can also take advantage of solutions jointly provided by Sardina and Sardina’s hosting partners. Customers may also opt for fully managed private cloud powered by Sardina FishOS. 



About Sardina Systems

Founded in 2014, Sardina Systems makes infrastructure invisible, elevating IT to focus on enterprise applications and services. FishOS natively converges server, storage, virtualization, and networking into a resilient, software-defined AI-based solution. Optimized performance, cloud flexibility, robust security, for all enterprise applications at any scale.
Sardina Systems has operations in Germany, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, and the UK.