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Baidu Wins Superuser Award With Massive-Scale Deployment of Open Infrastructure Technologies in Production

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Combining OpenStack, Kata Containers, Kubernetes and more, Baidu is recognized by members of the OSF community at Open Infrastructure Summit in Shanghai

SHANGHAI, China — November 4, 2019 — OPEN INFRASTRUCTURE SUMMIT — The Baidu ABC Cloud Group & Security Edge teams is the 11th organization to win the Superuser Award. The news was announced today at the Open Infrastructure Summit in Shanghai. Baidu ABC Cloud Group and Edge Security Team integrated Kata Containers into the platform for all of Baidu internal and external cloud services including edge applications. Their cloud products, including both VMs and bare metal servers, cover 11 regions in China with over 5,000 physical machines. Today, 17 important online businesses have been migrated to the Kata Containers platform thus far.

Elected by members of the OSF community, the team that wins the Superuser Award is lauded for the unique nature of its use case as well as its integration and application of open infrastructure. Four out of five nominees for the Superuser Award presented today wer from the APAC region: Baidu ABC Cloud Group and Edge Security Team, InCloud OpenStack Team of Inspur, Information Management Department of Wuxi Metro, and Rakuten Mobile Network Organization. Previous award winners from the APAC region include China Mobile, NTT Group, and the Tencent TStack Team. 


Baidu Keynote at Open Infrastructure Summit

On the keynote stage in Shanghai, Baidu Cloud Senior Architect Zhang Yu explained that Kata Containers provides a virtual machine-like security mechanism at the container level, which gives their customers a great deal of confidence. When moving their business to a container environment, they have less concern. Kata Containers is compatible with the OCI standard and users can directly manage the new environment with popular management suites such as Kubernetes. Kata Containers is now an official project under the Openstack Foundation, which gives the company confidence to invest in the project.

“Baidu is an amazing example of how open infrastructure starts with OpenStack,” said Mark Collier, COO of the OpenStack Foundation. “They’re running OpenStack at massive scale, combined with other open infrastructure technologies like Kata Containers and Kubernetes, and they’re doing it in production for business-critical workloads.”


*** Download the Baidu Kata Containers White Paper ***

The company has published a white paper titled, “The Application of Kata Containers in Baidu AI Cloud” available here.


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