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StarlingX Community Delivers 2.0 Release Featuring Cloud-native Kubernetes Platform and Containerized OpenStack Stein

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Open Source Project StarlingX Offers a Fully Integrated Stack to Orchestrate Distributed Edge Applications

AUSTIN, Texas—September 4, 2019—StarlingX—the open source edge computing and IoT cloud platform optimized for low latency and high performance applications—is available in its 2.0 release today. Whereas StarlingX 1.0, released in 2018, provided a hardened OpenStack platform on dedicated physical servers, StarlingX 2.0 leverages further building blocks to build open infrastructure by delivering a hardened platform that integrates OpenStack and Kubernetes to provide flexibility, robustness and support for mixed workloads.

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The purpose of the StarlingX project is to re-configure proven cloud technologies for edge computing, delivering the maturity and robustness of cloud in a massively distributed compute environment. StarlingX is a complete edge cloud infrastructure platform for bare metal, VMs and containers, providing high availability (HA), quality of service (QoS), performance and low latency.

StarlingX leverages components of other open source projects such as Ceph, Linux, KVM, OpenStack and Kubernetes and complements them with new services such as configuration and fault management to collectively address the strict requirements of edge computing use cases in both carrier and industrial applications. Use cases include transportation-based IoT applications; industrial automation; 5G; smart buildings and cities; autonomous vehicles; location-based retail; virtual radio access networks (vRAN); augmented and virtual reality; high-definition media content delivery; surveillance; healthcare imaging, diagnostics and monitoring; and universal customer premise equipment (uCPE).

Headline Features of StarlingX 2.0

  • Hardened cloud-native platform integrating Kubernetes and OpenStack on dedicated physical servers
  • Containerized OpenStack based on the Stein release
  • Kubernetes-based edge sites for containerized workloads

StarlingX is closely aligned with the OpenStack code base. Out-of-tree patches continue to decline with the new release of StarlingX, and plans are to eliminate them entirely with the Train release this fall.

Today’s release reflects growth in the StarlingX community, with 2365 commits from 132 contributors, including developers representing 99Cloud, China UnionPay, FiberHome, Intel, InterDynamix, Red Hat, SUSE and Wind River, among others. Users, operators and developers are invited to try out the software and engage with the StarlingX community on IRC (#starlingx on Freenode) and on the mailing list (

Meet the StarlingX Community at the Open Infrastructure Summit Shanghai
Members of the StarlingX community will gather at the next OpenStack Open Infrastructure Summit in Shanghai, November 4-6, at the following sessions:

Supporting Quotes

99Cloud Inc.— Shuquan Huang, director of Solution Architecture:
"5G is coming for real. We’re excited to see StarlingX 2.0 is available today. It’s the right time to use StarlingX to build your edge cloud infrastructure platform to deliver the promise of 5G with low latency and high performance applications. 99Cloud will continuously contribute to the StarlingX community and drive the success of 5G deployment." 

Intel Corporation—Mark Skarpness, director, Data-centric System Stacks Engineering and vice president, Intel Architecture, Graphics and Software:
“The StarlingX community has made significant progress in the short time since its inception by converging the project’s codebase with OpenStack Stein while adding new functionality. StarlingX 2.0 brings cloud-native services to the edge and eliminates technical debt, creating a highly capable platform for continued edge innovation.”

OpenStack Foundation—Ildiko Vancsa, ecosystem technical lead: 
“The capability of running and managing mixed workloads is crucial for edge environments. The new StarlingX platform is a great example of how OpenStack services can be utilized in and for a containerized platform while providing a unified interface to manage the type of workload that best fits your edge application.”

Wind River—Glenn Seiler, vice president of open source strategy:
“This is a key milestone for the StarlingX project and represents a significant step forward in delivering edge cloud technologies for industries with critical infrastructure requirements. StarlingX now delivers both container and VM-based workloads for distributed edge cloud use cases with low latency needs. Wind River is committed to collaborating with the community to further advance edge cloud capabilities.”

About StarlingX
StarlingX is the open source edge computing and IoT cloud platform optimized for low latency and high performance applications. It provides a scalable and highly reliable edge infrastructure, tested and available as a complete stack. Applications include industrial IoT, telecom, video delivery and other ultra-low latency use cases. StarlingX ensures compatibility among diverse open source components and provides unique project components for fault management and service management, among others, to ensure high availability of user applications. StarlingX is the ready-for-deployment code base for edge implementations in scalable solutions. The project is supported by the OpenStack Foundation. 


Media Contact:Jennifer Fowler for StarlingX
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