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OpenStack can create a massive impact in the HPC users life

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OpenStack private cloud enables HPC facilities to rapidly and flexibly meet varying users demand. However, the boundary-stretching and stringent requirements of HPC present challenges in operating a private cloud, from complex system deployment to performing applications on existing hardware.  

In order to overcome these challenges, Sardina Systems together with the German trusted leader for HPC, MEGWARE, have decided to join their extended market expertise and offer a fully automated private cloud solution to all High-Performance Computing (HPC) customers that are ready to achieve higher efficiency and lower OpEx in their business environment.  

Sardina Systems and MEGWARE partnership was established with one big objective in mind: to provide to HPC users the necessary tools to automate the process of deploying, configuring, managing, scaling, monitoring and upgrading workloads clusters. HPC customers can now achieve massive scalability and cluster networking, higher application agility, more effective usage of GPUs managing OpenStack alongside HPC workload managers, and obtain increased infrastructure flexibility thanks to Sardina and Megware long term committed partnership.  

“The benefit of working with Sardina Systems is that the HPC users are able to experience secure and flexible management of innovative clusters using various automation tools with FishOS OpenStack cloud. With Sardina Systems, we have gained a partner that offers specialized OpenStack solutions as well as customized professional support and service”, says Tobias Pfennig, Sales Director HPC at MEGWARE.  

The FishOS OpenStack solution architecture is flexible to scale up compute, storage, networking, and management to fit HPC workload growth. FishOS' distributed architecture enables high availability by default, intelligent self-healing operations, and seamless rolling upgrades. HPC users are one step closer to the open source technology advantages and they can benefit from applications portability between various cloud platforms without any complex operations thanks to the FishOS full cloud platform.  

“Our OpenStack solution offers to HPC users a flexible, on-demand, and self-service compute infrastructure while reducing licensing costs by up to 80% percent”, says Kenneth Tan, Director at Sardina Systems.  

Sardina Systems has recently deployed a FishOS automated system at Megware site in order to encourage all the customers to get familiarized and test the virtualized environment anytime.  

Please contact [email protected] or [email protected] if you want to schedule a test environment.      

About Sardina Systems

Founded in 2014, Sardina Systems provides award-winning, world-class, intelligent and automated cloud platform enabling corporations to greatly increase service assurance, application agility and operational reliability, reduce operational complexity and carbon footprint, coupled with increased IT operations flexibility and unparalleled efficiency of scale.

Sardina Systems has operations in Ukraine, Romania, Russia and the UK.  


MEGWARE Computer Vertrieb und Service GmbH has established itself as one of Europe's leading supercomputing specialists. With almost 30 years of experience and a team of 50 experts, we are a competent partner for the design, assembly, test and installation of complete HPC systems. Our R&D team develops pioneering in-house solutions to build the most advanced HPC infrastructures in terms of performance, efficiency, and scalability. At the top of this list of priorities is the concern for first-class quality and service. By now, we have delivered more than 1,300 supercomputers across Europe and beyond.