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Inspur and Intel share Rocky testing data at premiere of Open Infrastructure Summit

At the first Open Infrastructure Summit in Denver on April 30, Inspur and Intel jointly shared the large-scale cluster testing data of Rocky-based InCloud OpenStack, offering a pilot technical demonstration for Rocky deployment in practical production environments and large-scale cluster support.

Inspur propels Rocky to practical production

Inspur and Intel jointly tested the newly upgraded and optimized InCloud OpenStack Rocky version by deploying it in a real data center with 200-plus nodes, focusing on aspects like high-concurrency stress (2,000 concurrent tasks), network/disk I/O and CPU/memory performance, LBaaS/RabbitMQ/Marriadb performance, as well as stability and high availability.

Inspur InCloud OpenStack Rocky demonstrated sound availability performance in the test, enabling all-round high availability on the control and data facets, including HA enhancement of control nodes, host HA enhancement for virtual machines, and HA mechanism enhancement of virtual machines.

Meanwhile, InCloud OpenStack Rocky delivered a significant improvement in efficiency, with its code-driving feature enabling programmed deployment/upgrade, automation supporting continuous integration and verification, support of fast delivery to as many as 500-plus nodes, and convenient online extensibility without business interruptions. In addition, InCloud OpenStack Rocky provides an advanced virtualization feature that supports real-time monitoring of high I/O performance based on time-series databases, with each cluster supporting billions of fine-grained metrics every day, exhibiting excellent performance.

Inspur and Intel revealed they will continue to launch more comprehensive and larger-scale tests on InCloud OpenStack Rocky and keep optimizing and enhancing the version with 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory based on today’s testing results. The InCloud OpenStack Rocky commercial version is expected to come out in the middle of the year.

Inspur ranks 9th worldwide in BP contribution to Stein
Inspur, as a gold member of the OpenStack Foundation, has been adhering to the principle of “from open-source, beyond open-source and for open-source” while actively participating in various open-source events in the community. Inspur ranks ninth worldwide in terms of BP (Completed Blueprints) contribution to the latest-released OpenStack Stein. BP represents the requirements and features fully designed and implemented in an OpenStack program, reflecting the contribution to the OpenStack development. It is a key metric showing a company’s technical strength and contribution to the community.

In addition, Inspur also plans to share with the OpenStack community the source code of four recent independently-developed programs, namely Cetus (container deployment and management), Leo (process approval), Pluto (large-scale high-performance monitoring) and Skyline (brand-new UI), in the near future. These programs have earned great acclaim in practical production environments of many Inspur customers, and sharing the source code will help the community to develop products that are better tailored to practical applications.

Open source philosophy drives the cloud data center
Inspur proposes an open philosophy that entails the sharing of software source code and architecture. On the one hand, Inspur actively participates in open-source programs with OpenStack, CNCF, APACHE, LINUX, etc. and meets customers’ demand for customization in a more flexible manner through improved open-source technologies. On the other hand, Inspur also engages in open computing communities to develop an open computing ecosystem. At present, Inspur is a member of the Open Data Center Committee (ODCC), Open Compute Project (OCP) and Open19 Foundation. Inspur is also a technical committee member of ODCC, the long-standing largest supplier of ODCC Scorpion server, and a platinum member and China region co-chairman of OCP. From IP contribution to spearheading standards development, Inspur has had a growing involvement in OCP, helping to drive the evolution of open computing and open data centers.