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VEXXHOST Announces Kubernetes Enablement Offering

VEXXHOST has announced the latest update to their cloud computing offering, introducing Kubernetes Enablement as a part of their solution. This offering enables businesses with existing OpenStack private clouds to integrate and consume Kubernetes as a fully managed solution. VEXXHOST previously announced that they had received certification from the CNCF for their Kubernetes and this Kubernetes Enablement offering was developed to make their Certified Kubernetes service increasingly accessible to their cloud users.

“We’re always excited to see Certified Kubernetes companies like VEXXHOST make their Kubernetes services increasingly available to their cloud users. It really speaks to the value and importance of the CNCF certification programs,” said Dan Kohn, Executive Director, Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

VEXXHOST’s Certified Kubernetes have been available to their public cloud users since 2017, resulting in quick, on-demand access to Certified Kubernetes. This Kubernetes Enablement offering will effectively act as an extension to the initial service at the private cloud level. VEXXHOST’s offering manages to relieve the stress associated with the deployment of Kubernetes and reduce the extent of the undertaking for VEXXHOST’s clients by being a fully managed service.

Clients benefit from access to VEXXHOST’s OpenStack engineers and their support 24/7 as well as the total monitoring of the service every five minutes. VEXXHOST also provides incident management and a strong commitment to ensuring that all of their services and solutions are deploying the most recent releases.  

This offering delivers to private cloud users the software and high-level expertise they require as a part of the successful deployment and management of their Kubernetes clusters. Powered by OpenStack’s container project, Magnum, VEXXHOST’s private cloud provides users with a software layer that is compatible with both bare metal and virtual machines.

“VEXXHOST always strives to deliver the best that cloud computing has to offer.” Said Mohammed Naser, VEXXHOST CEO. “That’s why we felt it was important to make the latest version of Kubernetes, version 1.14, available to our clients regardless of the version of their OpenStack infrastructure.”

VEXXHOST’s Kubernetes Enablement offering delivers to users secure container clusters through enhanced isolation and upgraded performance due to faster deployment times and simplified extensive service integrations.

Should your organization be interested or want to take advantage of the scalability, orchestration and velocity that VEXXHOST’s Kubernetes Enablement has to offer, contact VEXXHOST today and get started on the road to modernized API efficiency.

About VEXXHOST Inc. Founded in 2006, VEXXHOST Inc. is a Canadian cloud computing provider offering OpenStack powered public cloud, private cloud and consulting to customers, from small businesses to governments, from over 150 different countries. VEXXHOST Inc. delivers a high level of expertise to help clients optimize cloud infrastructure so they can focus on their core competencies. For more information, visit or follow @vexxhost on Twitter.