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City Network launches Object Storage with regulatory compliance


City Network, a leading global supplier of cloud services based on OpenStack, is launching Object Storage as part of Compliant Cloud, the company’s IT infrastructure service for companies with stringent regulatory compliance requirements. The service allows customers to automate storage of very large amounts of data in a cost-efficient manner while maintaining security and regulatory compliance.

“Many companies and authorities must now process extremely large volumes of data, at the same time as laws and regulations place high demands on where the data is stored and how it is processed. Until now, this was a regulatory challenge coupled with a major cost,” says Johan Christenson, CEO and founder of City Network. “By offering Object Storage in more locations, we provide a tool that helps these organizations comply with the requirements for regulatory compliance and offer this in a cost-efficient manner.”

City Network’s Object Storage is based on the open platform OpenStack. The service supports both AWS S3 APIs and the OpenStack protocol Swift. Regardless of the customer’s storage requirements, for example data lakes, disaster recovery or various business applications, the service’s flexible architecture allows customers to easily connect different data sources directly to Object Storage and automatically store large amounts of data.

Starting in Sweden, Object Storage will be available from two separate Compliant Cloud sites and throughout 2019 be rolled out worldwide to all Compliant Cloud sites. In the same period, City Network will also continue the roll out of Object Storage globally as part of the service offering in the public cloud service City Cloud.

“We have a very clear aim to provide all organizations, even those subject to the most stringent regulatory requirements, access to a flexible, scalable and cost-efficient, cloud-based IT infrastructure as a basis for their digital transformation. Object Storage adds another important ingredient in this offering,” concludes Johan Christenson.