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Open Source CI/CD Platform Zuul Releases V3, Becomes an Independent Project

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Specializing in multi-repo gating, Zuul v3 tackles the complexity of integrating a growing number of open source projects and tools

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 21, 2018 — OpenStack Summit — Zuul, an open source CI/CD platform specializing in multi-system gating, has released version 3 and become an independent project hosted at the OpenStack Foundation (OSF). Zuul originally was developed for OpenStack CI testing and has since attracted contributors and users across many different organizations, including BMW, GoDaddy, OpenLab and Wikimedia. Zuul is the third project to be managed by the OSF, joining OpenStack and Kata Containers.

Since 2012, Zuul has been proven at scale as a critical part of the OpenStack development process. As more users and use cases emerged, the team has been decoupling Zuul from OpenStack-specific systems. WIth V3, Zuul has completed that process, while adding support for a broader range of use cases and development platforms, including GitHub, with the help of contributors including individuals from BMW, GitHub, GoDaddy, Huawei, Red Hat and SUSE.

User Case Studies Published Today
Here are excerpts from Zuul user case studies published today on Superuser:

  • GoDaddy: Clint Byrum, senior cloud software engineer: “The community that built Zuul was probably the first feature [that drew GoDaddy to Zuul]. We have a very large OpenStack installation at GoDaddy, and a few of us have been using Zuul since its very early days as OpenStack developers. This experience has always been pleasant, and the folks in charge of it are extremely responsive and welcoming. Beyond that, cross-repo gating allows us to keep our concerns separate, and build CI/CD pipelines out of a combination of upstream free/open software, such as OpenStack, in concert with our more custom GoDaddy-specific integrations.”
  • OpenLab: Melvin Hillsman, open source community operations manager at Huawei: “Primarily the benefit we see is the ease of integration with other projects. Along those lines, Zuul is beneficial in general for open source users who utilize Ansible for other problem domains because it allows for a common language/workflow to be utilized both within the CI/CD system and outside it, opening the door for other tools to be more easily integrated.”

This week, Zuul contributors will be joining members of other CI/CD communities, including Jenkins, Spinnaker and TravisCI, at OpenDev, a collaborative event co-located with the OpenStack Summit that features working sessions, demos, shared note-taking and opportunities to carry forward the work in the spirit of open source.
“The latest release of Zuul, version 3, adds features such as GitHub integration and Ansible-based jobs which are designed to facilitate collaboration between teams and realize a world where development, testing, and deployment of applications and their dependencies are one continuous process,” said Jim Blair, principal software engineer with Red Hat and founding member of the Zuul project team.

Connect With the Zuul Community

Meet the Zuul Team at OpenDev CI/CD This Week

Save the Date: OpenStack Summit Berlin, November 13-15, 2018

About Zuul
Zuul is an open source CI/CD platform designed for test-driven open source projects and software development organizations who need to gate against multiple projects and systems before landing a single patch. Zuul is pluggable and supports multiple development platforms, including Gerrit and GitHub, and leverages the Ansible ecosystem for third-party modules.  It is ideal for distributed development teams and built with security in mind. Zuul is collaboratively developed under the Apache 2 license and managed by the OpenStack Foundation. Learn more and get involved at  

About the OpenStack® Foundation
The OpenStack Foundation (OSF) supports the development and adoption of open infrastructure globally, across a community of 90,000 individuals in 187 countries by hosting open source projects and communities of practice, including datacenter cloud, edge computing, NFV, CI/CD and container infrastructure.

OSF supported projects include OpenStack, the open cloud platform with thousands of users and more than 10 million computing cores in production worldwide; Kata Containers, offering the speed of containers with the security and isolation of virtual machines; and Zuul, an open source CI/CD platform specializing in gating software changes across multiple systems and applications to stop merging broken code.

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