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T2Cloud Completed its B+ Round Financing, Speeding up the Industry Cloud Expansion.

Recently, Enterprise-Level Cloud Computing software company Beijing T2Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. announced the completion of  RMB 108 million B+ Round of financing, with Fosun RZ Capital as the leading investors and Qianhai PE FOF as the following investors. Back in July, T2Cloud just  finished the B Round financing, with China Capital Management Co., Ltd. being the leading investors, SinoSoft and BoYanJiaMing Venture Capital Funds as the following investors. Plus the Fortune Capital (Angel Round), F&G Venture,Lenovo Capital (A Round), this is the forth round of investment that T2Cloud has gained in the three-year period since its foundation.

Founded in 2014, T2Cloud is the leading new generation IT companies to provide Cloud Platform, Solution and Services, including Private Cloud, Public Cloud Constraction & Hybrid Cloud solutions. Its customers come from Transportation, Financial, Energy, Military, Radio & Television, Government, IDC, IoT industries.

In order to resole the problems faced by enterprise in clouding computing, T2Cloud launched integrated solution for industry cloud, winning a number of big contracts in many industries. For example, in the Transportation industry, T2Cloud took the big project of China Railway Corporation – the development and implementation of SinoRail Cloud together with SinoRail Beijing Corporation, focus on solving the landing problems of railway cloud system. In the Radio and Television industry, T2Cloud and Xinjiang Radio & Television Company set up a joint venture - Future Media Technology Co., Ltd., deploying cloud solutions. T2Cloud has launched a financial cloud solution, and, together with SinoSoft, created a financial cloud service platform for customers in the Financial industry. In the government industry, T2Cloud launched solutions for the government cloud. It signed a contract with Shanxi Mobile, helping the upgrade and transformation of government service. In the industrial field, T2Cloud has launched industrial cloud solutions. It contracted with XCMG Information and helped it build a industry cloud eco-system.

With a number of industry clouds being launched, an ecological industry cloud model from the bottom infrastructure to the application layer is ideally forming. T2Cloud is also committed to applying this model to more traditional industries, helping Chinese enterprises achieve a stable and efficient digital transformation.

Taking the B/B+ round of financing as an opportunity, T2Cloud is continuously attracting more high-end industrial talents, speeding up the expansion and deployment of the industry cloud.