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Public cloud now available at the OVH datacenter in Warsaw

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The Polish datacenter of the European provider of cloud solutions, dedicated infrastructure and hosting services is broadening its offer. In response to customer needs, OVH is launching a public cloud service in Warsaw.  

WARSAW, Poland—August 7, 2017—The datacenter, which opened at the end of last year, is the latest OVH investment in this part of Europe and the next stage in the company’s development in Poland. The center was set up to address the needs of customers and businesses across the region in terms of cloud resources. The Warsaw branch currently hosts customers’ projects from all over the world, providing a gateway to the central and eastern European markets. Public Cloud will broaden the portfolio of products available at the center with a range of dedicated servers and VPS SSD. All OVH services are protected by physical and logical security systems, including the company’s powerful anti-DDoS system.  

The public cloud is a service model based on the provider’s external infrastructure. This is a cumulative concept that encompasses computing power and disk space with on-demand services. Disk space, in the form of object storage, enables storage in the cloud and allows resources to be shared over the internet, and payment for resources used, without size or time limits.

The OVH Public Cloud model is unique, providing fully dedicated resources for maximum utilization at all times. Public cloud instances (virtual servers) combine flexibility and guaranteed resources. CPU, RAM and storage, along with root access, are available at lightning speed. Public cloud offers an hourly billing option as well as numerous features, such as adding resources without reinstallation. The service is compatible with other OpenStack technologies, allowing fast and automatic migration, which is highly valued by customers. Further to the introduction of this facility, the Polish datacenter and its services can also be used by customers for whom the storage of data in Poland is critical.  

“Many customers are interested in storing data in the country – for example, due to the processing of personal data or the reduced latency between the datacenter and its users. Now they can benefit from the flexibility offered by the cloud and easily extend their business from Poland to other countries or continents with OVH datacenters. This, in turn, allows easy access to new user groups and customers,” comments Robert Paszkiewicz, director of sales at the Polish branch of OVH.

According to IDC, the value of the public cloud in Poland will exceed USD 200 million this year. IDC also predicts that, over the next two years, the domestic public cloud market will grow 5 times faster than the traditional IT services sector, and the average rate of investment in the public cloud in Poland will exceed 18%.  

The Polish datacenter offers a number of recognized models starting from €0.056/hour (tax excl.) for instances with dedicated resources. All models are equipped with high-availability disk space, and OVH Public Cloud has been rated number one in Europe in the independent Cloud Spectator ranking in the public cloud services sector, based on the best performance-to-price ratio [more information on the report can be found at].  

OVH Public Cloud is a service that supports over 150,000 instances and 120 petabytes of physical space, fully based on OpenStack solutions, on which IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is built.

“Warsaw will also be the first location where the current version of OpenStack – Newton – is used to build a public cloud infrastructure. Using this version of the software enables OVH to easily update its infrastructure, meaning fewer bugs and enhanced functionality for public cloud customers,” explains Krzysztof Tomaszewski, Public Cloud architect and R&D team leader at OVH.  

OpenStack is a cloud computing platform built on open source software for creating private and public clouds. It is also one of the most important open source projects, both because of its number of users and its operating objective: a broad set of tools for deploying and utilizing cloud infrastructures. Users are interested in migrating to the OpenStack cloud infrastructure due to its reduced start-up time, reduced IT operating costs, and more flexible infrastructure.  

The OpenStack Foundation rejoices about this new public cloud region and Jonathan Bryce, its Executive Director comments - “Europe continues to be one of the fastest-growing regions for OpenStack, not just in overall terms but more specifically for interoperable public clouds. The addition of a new region in Poland by OVH adds yet another country to the nearly two dozen countries globally that offer OpenStack-powered public cloud availability zones.”  

The new investment in Poland confirms the position of OVH as the leader of European public cloud providers. And OVH is not stopping there – as part of the further development of the public cloud service, in collaboration with OpenStack, there are plans to launch new public cloud regions in OVH datacenters, including Germany and the United Kingdom. The next product to be released at the Polish datacenter will be the private cloud.