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99Cloud launched Animbus®OS5.0CE–the 1st OpenStack distro based on Ocata release in China

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Based on Ocata release, 99Cloud Inc. launched its OpenStack Community Edition – Animbus® OS 5.0 CE. This is the first product in China market since the Ocata release in February. Currently the majority distribution deployed in market is still Liberty release, or even earlier version.

Animbus® Cloud OS is the OpenStack-centric product developed by 99Cloud with further development and optimization in computing, storage, network,image, authentication, telemetry and other modules. It is compatible with heterogeneous virtual software, server, storage and network equipment. It brings one-stop solution for enterprise cloud computing platform which is accord with mainstreaming technology, easy to scale out and high available.

Animbus® OS 5.0 aims to solve the headaches encountered by enterprises when adopting OpenStack, including inconveniences in installation and deployment, hard to upgrade, and difficulties in maintenances and operations. All these have become main obstacles preventing more end users using OpenStack. 99Cloud put heavy efforts to solve these problems and Animbus® OS 5.0 can give enterprise users easy installation, one-button upgrading, heterogeneous management, and easy maintenance. And more importantly, the Animbus® OS 5.0 CE is FREE, enterprises can download and use it freely.

Besides, 99Cloud will launch its Animbus® OS 5.0 EE (enterprise edition, with more add-on functions and development) in the middle of May, 2017. The Animbus® OS 5.0 EE will give enterprises more choices and assistances when adopting OpenStack in building their cloud platform.

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