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Sardina Systems Becomes a Corporate Sponsor of OpenStack Foundation

Sardina Systems, the OpenStack data center automation software vendor for private clouds, announces it has become a corporate sponsor and supporting organization of OpenStack Foundation.

The overarching objective of the innovative Sardina FishOS is to automate operations of OpenStack-based clouds, optimizing the energy and improving the utilization, while delivering a significant zero-downtime upgrade feature for each new OpenStack version release. With FishOS’ unique zero-downtime capability, cloud operator can achieve high service availability and operational efficiency while benefiting from improvements in FishOS and OpenStack with each upgrade.

OpenStack is an open source cloud management platform. Widely recognized as the private cloud standard, OpenStack is also available as a service via dozens of public cloud providers worldwide. OpenStack is an integration engine providing APIs to orchestrate bare metal, virtual machines and containers, and it is backed by the industry’s largest ecosystem of technology providers to enable cost savings, control and portability. The software is used by more than 50 percent of the US Fortune 100, is preferred by public cloud providers in EMEA and APAC, and is the Network Functions Virtualization technology of choice for dozens of global telecoms. 

“Sardina FishOS, integrating OpenStack and Sardina Systems’ FishDirector software, uniquely addresses the full lifecycle automation requirements of OpenStack -- encompassing deployment, operation, and upgrade phases. Customers adopting FishOS benefit from having hyper-efficient OpenStack cloud infrastructure which are easily manageable and highly scalable, using innovative technologies to track and optimize data center resource usage and ultimately drop their organization’s OpenStack TCO.” said Anna Panchenko, VP of Marketing of Sardina Systems.

“The OpenStack community in Europe has grown rapidly, and community members like Sardina Systems are helping drive awareness and adoption of the platform,” said Heidi Bretz, Director Business Development and Alliances for the OpenStack Foundation. "Sardina helps operators address the unique challenges of operating OpenStack at scale and drive down TCO. We are thrilled to have their solution listed in the OpenStack Marketplace and count them among our Corporate Sponsors.”

Sardina Systems’ support to the OpenStack operators community focuses on providing systems management and service automation solutions to extend on OpenStack’s components, enabling a wide variety of automation and data access methods, scaling to thousands of servers, improving utilization, lowering costs and increasing reliability. This approach strives to make OpenStack easier to deploy, configure, manage, and upgrade, while delivering to its full capabilities.


About Sardina Systems

Sardina Systems is an OpenStack data center automation software company, leveraging machine learning to enable highly efficient operation, by raising server utilization and reducing energy consumption. The company’s software is scalable to allow management of multiple data centers as one. Sardina FishOS was recognized as a winner of the prestigious IDC HPC Innovation Excellence Award.

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