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The State Grid held “Cloud Computing & Smart Grid” Seminar

Cloud Computing Smart Grid Seminar

Dec. 20th, Beijing, China. The State Grid Corporation of China(SGCC) launched its Cloud Service Center Solution and HA Solution for Electric Cloud Data Center in the “Cloud Computing & Smart Grid” Seminar. Over 150 experts and CIOs from the MIIT, SGCC, SGITG, CSEE, Intel, SAP, HUAWEI and other enterprise representatives joined the Seminar and discussed how the eclectic and communication industry face IT challenges and the relevant solutions in Internet+ transformation.

In the Seminar, the experts from CSEE, Intel and SAP gave keynote speeches including “Cloud, Big data and Energy”, “Embrace the Business Transformation in the digital and cloud era” and “Construction of modern cloud data center”. According to the keynotes, electric industry big data is not only the main application in cloud computing, moreover, it brings new driving force for the development of cloud computing. The operating data and enormous users’ information provided by the Smart Grid becomes the solid fundaments for the electric industry big data. Also, regarding to the new environment faced by business enterprises, Intel introduced its automatic orchestration operational model based on strategy and how Intel is helping traditional IT departments become innovation centers in enterprises.

Besides the technical sharing, two solutions, Cloud Service Center Solution and HA Solution for Electric Cloud Data Center, have been launched. The Cloud Service Center Solution, which is developed by Beijing China-Power Information Technology Co. LTD. (referred to as Puhua), is the PaaS platform supporting business applications and operations, adopting open source technologies including distributing service framework, distributed call tracking and Docker etc., and has perfectly integrated with OpenStack. It has been deployed in SGCC headquarters and Hebei, Tianjin, Fujian and Heilongjiang provinces.

The HA Solution for Electric Cloud Data Center is the application HA solution to be adopted in data centers, jointly developed by Puhua and HUAWEI. It adopts technologies such as storage virtualization, distributed database, and software defined network, and achieves core functions such as storage layer active-active, database layer active-active, and network layer active-active cross multi datacenters, enabling the transformation from traditional data center to active-active data center.

This Seminar is organized by Beijing China-Power Information Technology Co., LTD. (Puhua), assisted by HUAWEI Technology. Puhua is the wholly-owned subsidiary of SGCC, dedicated to IT services and electric cloud platform deployment of the State Grid. Puhua has built Cloud Resource Management Platform based on OpenStack for SGCC, which has been delivered within 26 provinces and will cover 10000+ servers by the end of 2016.