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OP5 Commits to Future: Joins OpenStack as Corporate Sponsor

OpenStack is open source software for building public and private clouds. It delivers a stable core of compute, storage and networking services to foster an ecosystem of innovation. The ecosystem consists of willing individuals and companies that contribute to the community. OpenStack is today used by leading enterprise and service providers across the globe. The software platform consists of interconnected components that control diverse, multi-vendor hardware, storage, and networking, all being unified in a transparent and well documented central API. Having control of both core OpenStack services as well as harvesting the metrics and performance is a key function securing the quality of services and that's where OP5 fits into the puzzle.

“The OP5 team's engagement with the OpenStack project - especially in the vibrant European segment of our community - has contributed to a growing and important conversation about monitoring in scale-out environments. We're pleased to welcome them as Corporate Sponsors, and we're looking forward to OP5s ongoing contributions in bringing OpenStack to more users, both in the EU and beyond,” said Jonathan Bryce, Executive Director of the OpenStack Foundation.

OpenStack is mostly used as a IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service). Users either manage it through a web-based dashboard, through command-line tools, or through a RESTful API. Larger enterprises are today complementing their existing legacy infrastructure with OpenStack as such building new services on top of it. OP5 will bring the value to enable control, metrics and statistics of all included and underlying infrastructure and applications. The traditional challenge of understanding where and what a problem resides is an even bigger challenge as services are being integrated.

“We are very excited about joining OpenStack. For us it is not only a strategic decision where we see that the future will bring IT architecture closer to developers and make it easier for administrators, we are also happy to help both OpenStack and customers that will adopt OpenStack. We are proud to be an active member and a Corporate Sponsor of OpenStack,” says Jonas Vestin, CEO at OP5.

About OP5
OP5 Monitor is a flexible and highly scalable monitoring solution used in large enterprise environments, handling all IT infrastructure from servers and hardware to software services all the way to virtual or cloud based services. OP5’s vision is to be the driving force in a world where IT delivers measurable results, control and is seen as a strategic resource for better business. By offering products, expertise and commitment OP5 help IT take control of their business. OP5 is headquartered in Stockholm, with offices in Gothenburg in Sweden, Munich in Germany and Tulsa in the United States. OP5 Monitor is also sold and marketed with help from partners around the world.

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