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Cloudbase Solutions and Enter Cloud Suite Announce Joint Project Aurora for OpenStack Horizon

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Cloudbase Solutions™and Enter Cloud Suite® are happy to announce Project Aurora, a joint development for an open source alternative to the OpenStack® Horizon dashboard, providing a modern customizable web user experience for IaaS and PaaS services.

User experience, functionality and complexity are just a few of the challenges facing cloud infrastructure platforms and operators, and OpenStack is no exception. Operators are constantly searching for ways to improve, if not replace, the OpenStack Horizon interface in order to provide them with the ability to move beyond just exploring OpenStack services. The goal of Aurora is to provide a modern and simple to use interface that significantly improves workflow, manageability, ease of customization, extensibility and integration with additional enterprise services like PaaS layers, SaaS integration, billing, monitoring, and much more.

Cloudbase Solutions and Enter Cloud Suite’s joint development of Project Aurora started around the common need for an enterprise private cloud interface that can match and surpass current public cloud user experience standards. Project Aurora is based on common state-of-the-art web development technologies (HTML5, AngularJS, Node.js). It’s currently being actively developed, looking for additional enterprise contributors and early adopter users. More details available at:

“Project Aurora started with the idea of creating a fresh and competitive new user experience for the OpenStack project, allowing clear separation between the client user interface and the OpenStack services REST API interface, with a focus on customization and extensibility. This effort is meant to offer an enterprise alternative to the reference OpenStack Horizon dashboard for users and companies seeking for a more flexible user experience”
-Alessandro Pilotti, CEO - Cloudbase Solutions

“As a public IAAS provider, one of the main hurdles for us was the lack of integration in the Openstack Dashboard for external software components. Since when we added our DNSaaS and CDN to our services, we had to design and develop our own dashboard in order to properly integrate them. Also, since we make a commercial use of Openstack, we had to write our own presentation and integration layer for financial indicators and reporting, which was always missing from Openstack Dashboard. There was no way for us to fit economical values inside a sysadmin-only dashboard.”
-Mariano Cunietti, CTO and Cloud BU Manager -

About Enter Cloud Suite

Enter is an italian ISP running EnterCloudSuite, the first multi-region Openstack public IAAS in Europe. EnterCloudSuite is based upon 100% open source software and provides standard Openstack services topped with a homebrewed DNSaaS service and a CDN service. In late 2015 EnterCloudSuite, together with the CloudTeamAlliance, was awarded by the EU as one of the five official public IAAS providers for all the 52 EU Institutions and Agencies. 

About Cloudbase Solutions

Cloudbase Solutions™ is dedicated to cloud computing and interoperability. Our mission is to bridge the modern enterprise and cloud computing worlds by bringing OpenStack to Windows-based infrastructures. This effort starts with developing and maintaining all the crucial Windows and Hyper-V OpenStack components and culminates with a product range which includes Coriolis for Cloud migrations / DRaaS, orchestration for Hyper-V, SQL Server, Active Directory, Exchange and SharePoint Server via Juju charms and Heat templates.

Contact information

Will Mapp - Global Business Development / Marketing - wmapp(at)
Mariano Cunietti - CTO and Cloud BU Manager / mcunietti(at)