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Cloudbase Solutions Achieves Industry’s First Windows on OpenStack Certification with Red Hat OpenStack Platform

Cloudbase-Init is the de facto standard OpenStack guest bootstrapping tool for Windows, providing features already familiar to Cloud-Init users on Linux. In particular, Cloudbase-Init enables fully automated Heat orchestration for PowerShell-based complex deployments, including Active Directory, SQL Server, SharePoint, Exchange Server and much more.

Cloudbase Solutions also develops and co-maintains one of the largest Continuous Integration (CI testing) frameworks for OpenStack which proves to be particularly important in the VirtIO case due to the multitude of Windows versions that need to be supported on KVM and Red Hat OpenStack Platform. Cloudbase Solutions is the industry’s first Windows on OpenStack solution provider to be certified with the Red Hat OpenStack Platform. Red Hat’s certification requires passing extensive testing to ascertain compatibility with OpenStack APIs and components included in the Red Hat OpenStack Platform.

“We are pleased to have Cloudbase Solutions join us in the Red Hat Connect for Technology Partner Program,” said Mike Werner, senior director, Global Technology Ecosystems, Red Hat. “To help customers get the most out of Red Hat’s OpenStack offerings and our open hybrid cloud solutions, we work closely to certify technology companies' products - like those from Cloudbase Solutions - that provide powerful and complementary solutions. We look forward to continued collaboration with Cloudbase Solutions as an important member of Red Hat’s OpenStack ecosystem.”

“We are excited to announce an industry first with the latest Cloudbase Solutions Enterprise Windows on OpenStack technology now certified for Red Hat OpenStack Platform, which brings Red Hat’s award-winning and trusted technology to Windows customers,” said Alessandro Pilotti, CEO/Co-Founder of Cloudbase Solutions. “Red Hat is a strategic partner in continuing our mission to provide world-class Windows on OpenStack products and services.”

About Cloudbase Solutions
Cloudbase Solutions™ is dedicated to cloud computing and interoperability. Our mission is to bridge the modern enterprise and cloud computing worlds by bringing OpenStack to Windows-based infrastructures. This effort starts with developing and maintaining all the crucial Windows and Hyper-V OpenStack components and culminates with a product range which includes orchestration for Hyper-V, SQL Server, Active Directory, Exchange and SharePoint Server via Juju charms and Heat templates. Furthermore, to solve the complexity of cloud migration, Cloudbase developed Coriolis, a cloud migration-as-a-service product for migrating existing Windows and Linux workloads between clouds. Cloud migration is a necessity for a large number of use cases, especially for users moving from traditional virtualization technologies like VMware vSphere or Microsoft System Center VMM to Azure / Azure Stack, OpenStack, Amazon AWS or Google Cloud.

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