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Tesora Database as a Service Platform Adds More Commercial Databases, Enhances Production DBaaS Capabilities

Tesora announces the latest version of its database as a service (DBaaS) platform that adds support for Couchbase Enterprise Edition 4.1 and EDB Postgres Enterprise 9.4 bringing the total number of databases supported to 15.

The enterprise-class implementation of OpenStack Trove, Tesora DBaaS Platform Enterprise Edition 1.8, also now includes the following.

- Support for multiple storage types –Users can define specific data storage for an individual database instance. For example, one database could be assigned to fast solid-state storage for a performance-sensitive application while less expensive disk storage could be used for less sensitive workloads.

- Cluster and replication affinity - Provides more control over where physical servers’ cluster nodes and replicas are placed. This delivers high availability by ensuring that replicas and cluster nodes are isolated onto different hardware than other nodes in the cluster so they are not subject to outages based on single machine failures.

- Database monitoring - Support for monitoring agents, as well as agent configuration of guest databases. This gives enterprises the option to use their chosen monitoring agents with specific configurations within guest images.

- Cassandra log retrieval – Adds the ability to retrieve Cassandra database log files for troubleshooting and performance tuning.

- MariaDB Clustering – Users gain access to clustering support for MariaDB 10.1, which improves performance and high availability by taking advantage of Galera Cluster.

- Expanded database support with new guest images for Couchbase 4.0 and Cassandra 3.0.

- Guest image updates for MongoDB 3.2, Cassandra 2.2 and MariaDB 10.1

“Now that enterprises are embracing OpenStack and Trove in production environments, we must continue to enhance the database choice and scalability of our database as a service platform,” said Ken Rugg, CEO of Tesora. “We continue to add those databases most often requested by enterprises so now we’re up to a total of 15 database types, making our implementation of OpenStack Trove the most advanced platform for database as a service.”

Tesora DBaaS Platform Enterprise Edition is a single, common management infrastructure that provides a simple, unified way to handle complete database lifecycle management including: provisioning on-demand from a choice of 15 different databases; managing backup and restores; securing with user permissions and automated patch management; log file retrieval; and more.

In addition to multiple databases supported, Tesora DBaaS Enterprise Edition is certified with OpenStack distributions from Mirantis, Red Hat and Ubuntu.

Tesora provides 24/7 support with enterprise service level agreements, along with frequent maintenance release and bug fixes that resolve problems quickly, plus detailed documentation. Tesora is the leading contributor to the Trove project, alongside other contributing companies like Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Rackspace, eBay, and Red Hat.

Tesora DBaaS Platform Enterprise Edition 1.8 is available immediately. This enterprise-hardened implementation of the OpenStack Trove DBaaS is based on the most current OpenStack code base (stable Mitaka).

About OpenStack Trove
OpenStack Trove database as a service is transforming the way databases are provisioned and managed, to make database capacity that can be consumed on-demand. Tesora’s Database as a Service Platform, an enterprise-hardened version of OpenStack Trove, offers secure, private cloud access to the most popular open source and commercial databases through a single consistent interface. The result is that routine tasks like provisioning, and managing regular administrative tasks like clustering, replication, backup and restore are handled in a simple, unified way.

About Tesora
As organizations embrace cloud-based IT models, Tesora is fulfilling the promise of truly open database as a service (DBaaS) from any public, private or hybrid cloud computing platform. With its deep database expertise, Tesora is the number one contributor to the Trove project and proud OpenStack supporter. The company’s open source software is powering database as a service for many of the world’s leading OpenStack users. To learn more about Tesora visit