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EasyStack Wins Bid on SF Express Cloud Platform; OpenStack Continues to Drive Innovation in Express Delivery


The thriving of the O2O business model has driven enterprises in various industries to focus ever more on business innovation. Being the leader in express delivery, S.F. Express is no exception. Recently, EasyStack won S.F. Express’ Cloud Platform Project to help the firm continue on its path of innovation and maintain its leading position in the industry.

Similar to many innovative enterprises, S.F. Express has realized, as their O2O business develops, the significance of an open sourced OpenStack cloud platform to the overall business demand. Especially after initiating the “Heike” community shop for e-shopping services, not only was their traditional IT architectures inadequate in responding to the rapidly-changing market demands, the close sourced virtualization software system was expensive to scale up. EasyStack won this S.F. Express Delivery Cloud Platform Project with its ESCloud Solution, which will provide to S.F. Express Delivery agile, and reliable innovative IT infrastructure based on the open sourced OpenStack Platform.

EasyStack has built up a production cloud platform at S.F. Express’ headquarter in Shenzhen for the Cloud platform dedicated to business research, development and testing. The post-testing business will be directly migrated to the production cloud platform to be launched. This production cloud platform will be able to scale as business form and size change; remote disaster recovery center will also be set up accordingly.

Regarding deployment size, EasyStack has planned over 10 computing nodes for Stage One of the project, with over one thousand physical servers in total planned for cloudification. The cloud platform built and deployed by EasyStack will allow S.F. Express to take advantage of a flexible and reliable cloud architecture, able to respond timely to market changes, and realize on-demand IT resource allocation. This attempt of open source cloud computing has given S.F. Express an agile platform in midst of various new businesses, allowing the enterprise to meet operational challenges with renewed preparedness. At the same time EasyStack’s solution has driven S.F. Express to alter its ideology and evaluate resource management in terms of business operations, achieving physical resources optimization.

EasyStack has helped an increasing number of enterprises to complete the transformation of critical businesses to OpenStack-based cloud platform. Oftentimes enterprises would go after not only business innovation, but also business continuity, agility and high-speed development, hence OpenStack platform’s gradual mature capturing the interest of many. And EasyStack fulfills that pursuit well, delivering to enterprises reliable, stable, open, and high-performing OpenStack-based cloud computing services.

About EasyStack

EasyStack (EasyStack Inc.) is a leading OpenStack cloud platform and services provider. Founded in February of 2014 by members of the core team at the IBM China Development Lab that pioneered OpenStack research and development in China, EasyStack strives to provide to enterprise clients high-performing open, stable and reliable OpenStack-based cloud computing services. Since its founding, EasyStack has provided OpenStack cloud solution and services to over 100 enterprises including Lenovo, the Postal Savings Bank of China,the Rural Credit Banks Funds Clearing Center, the State Grid Corporation, Tsinghua University, Greatwall Broadband Networks, TCL, and Tianhe Cloud, covering traditional industries including Finance, Telecom, Government, Energy & Utilities, Education, and emerging industries including e-Finances, e-Commerce and Big Data & Analytics, is a leading practitioner in enterprise-level OpenStack in China.

EasyStack is an adamant practitioner of the open cloud computing ideology, leveraging OpenStack’s open architecture to foster open, mutually beneficial cloud ecosystems with business partners. EasyStack is also an active participant in the development of core functions within the OpenStack community, is a leader in Asia in terms of number of enterprise clients and amount of code contributed. On May 8th 2015, EasyStack completed its second round of financing with the sum of USD 16 million, making it the largest sum to date in a single round of financing in China open source market.