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Puppet Ignites Era of Constantly Modern Software

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Software underpins every part of modern life and commerce. Organizations rely on it to drive growth in all aspects of their business. According to market estimates, a $200 billion software infrastructure market is emerging as a result of mass migration to the cloud; pressure on IT to meet the demands of billions of consumers and business users; and the growing requirement to continually deploy and manage software to meet business goals.

To help organizations compete effectively and thrive in a software-defined world, Puppet today announced its vision to give every organization the shortest path to better software. The company’s commitment to helping enterprises take full advantage of the movement towards constantly modern software is fulfilled by its industry-standard Puppet Enterprise platform. More than 30,000 companies around the world, including more than two-thirds of the Fortune 100, rely on Puppet Enterprise to continually deploy and manage software across their IT infrastructure, whether it’s physical, virtual or in the cloud.

“Software powers everything around us, from the devices on our wrists and our walls to the work we do, the fun we have, and everything in between. Modern cars are powered by millions of lines of code, our financial world is entirely mediated by software to enable speed and throughput, and it’s critical to delivery of core functions like medicine, utilities, and food. Nevertheless, most businesses take weeks, months and even years to deliver everything from simple upgrades to the latest innovations, and too much of this software is out of date, insecure, and thus a barrier to progress rather than an enabler of it,” said Luke Kanies, Puppet founder and CEO. “With Puppet, customers build highly efficient DevOps practices that automate manual processes and get control of the entire infrastructure and application stack, eliminating constraints on innovation, securing critical capabilities, and maximizing the business potential from their software investments.”

Opening the Gates to the Shortest Path to Better Software

As part of the company’s strategic plan to make the shortest path to better software a reality for enterprises, Puppet also announced today new leadership, product updates, integrations, resources and branding. All these elements support the company's mission to help every organization significantly reduce the time it takes to provide both their internal and external customers with the most effective and modern software to achieve business goals.

Company name and brand refresh – The company is changing its name from "Puppet Labs" to simply "Puppet" to reflect the fact that the tight-knit Puppet community — tens of thousands of individual open source users and Puppet Enterprise customers — all refer to the company, the technology and the community itself as “Puppet.” The new name, and a new brand identity to go with it, also reflect Puppet's mission: helping every organization get on the shortest path to better software in service of its own customers and mission. For complete details, visit the new website at

First president and COO – Sanjay Mirchandani is the first executive to hold this position at Puppet. The former senior vice president of VMware will be responsible for Puppet’s go-to-market execution, including marketing, pre-sales engineering, sales, customer support, and services. For complete details, read our press release.

Project Blueshift and Puppet Enterprise 2016.1 – Blueshift represents Puppet's engagement with leading-edge technologies and their communities — technologies like Docker, Mesos and Kubernetes — and Puppet's commitment to giving organizations the tools to build and operate constantly modern software. The new Puppet Enterprise 2016.1 gives customers direct control of — and real-time visibility into — the changes they need to push out, whether to an app running in a Kubernetes cluster or a fleet of VMs running in AWS. For complete details, read our press release.

Atlassian HipChat integration – This new integration makes it possible for DevOps teams to direct change with the Puppet Orchestrator, see change as it occurs, then discuss and collaborate on changes in process — all right in HipChat. For complete details, read our press release.

Splunk integration – Proactive monitoring of infrastructure and applications is a key DevOps practice, enabling continuous improvement. The Puppet Enterprise App for Splunk now extends the Splunk platform to Puppet customers to diagnose issues and solve problems faster, so they can deploy critical changes with confidence. For complete details, read our press release.

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About Puppet

Puppet is driving the movement to a world of unconstrained software change. Its revolutionary platform is the industry standard for automating the delivery and operation of the software that powers everything around us. More than 30,000 companies — including more than two thirds of the Fortune 100 — use Puppet’s open source and commercial solutions to adopt DevOps practices, achieve situational awareness and drive software change with confidence. Based in Portland, Oregon, Puppet is a privately held company with more than 400 employees around the world.

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