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Carina™ By Rackspace Simplifies Containers with Easy-To-Use, Instant-On Native Container Environment

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Containers Utilizing Bare-Metal Performance and Native Container Tooling and Orchestration

Tokyo – Oct. 28, 2015 – Rackspace® (NYSE: RAX) today announced the free beta offering of Carina by Rackspace, an easy-to-use and instant-on native container environment, at the OpenStack® Summit. Carina focuses on portability and ease-of-use while allowing a customer to create and deploy a cluster for their containerized applications faster than doing it themselves. Carina is a container cluster service offering that leverages bare-metal performance, Docker Engine, native container tooling and Docker Swarm for orchestration that make container clusters accessible to everyone.

Carina provides an intuitive, instant-on and portable container environment with existing Docker tools and bare metal performance for developers, data scientists and operators. With Carina, customers get a “zero infrastructure” container environment where Rackspace experts manage the infrastructure and Docker environment for customers. This approach offers increased efficiency, as customers no longer need to spend time on building, managing and updating their container environment.

Container technology is one of the fastest-growing software development tools in the computing industry today. The technology offers multiple benefits, including improved application portability across development, test and production environments. Containers consume a fraction of the compute resources of typical virtual machines, allowing for near-instant availability, application scaling and increased application density, allowing customers to save time and money.

“At Rackspace, our mission is to give customers industry-leading service and expertise on the world’s leading technologies. Carina extends this mission as part of our strategy to support OpenStack’s position as a leading choice for enterprise clouds,” said Scott Crenshaw, SVP, strategy and product at Rackspace. “Carina design makes containers fast, simple and accessible to developers using native container interfaces, while leveraging the infrastructure capabilities of OpenStack."

Carina delivers the following benefits to help customers increase their pace of innovation and speed to market:

• Container-Native Tools – Unlike many platforms that implement containers using proprietary or emulated tooling, Carina uses the native Docker API and tooling, which provides developers the freedom to easily move applications from development to test to production environments, while helping to reduce errors and saving time.
• Bare-Metal Performance – Containers sit on top of the server, which helps eliminate hypervisor overhead, allowing faster application performance.
• Easy Install and Support – With instant-on setup, choice of customer interfaces such as Docker Swarm to create clusters, best-practice documentation as well as guides and community forum support backed by Rackspace expertise, customers are able to start quickly and get support directly from other developers.

“Carina by Rackspace gives us a way to easily offer containers to the thousands of people who come to the O’Reilly web site to learn programming and technology,” said Andrew Odewahn, CTO at O’Reilly Media. “One of the things I appreciate most about Carina is the API – it couldn’t be any simpler. The API allows us to create a new cluster that we simply spin up from the command line and can access within a minute. That flexibility gives us great power to do a lot of different things we might not have considered before because of the burden of managing infrastructure.”

"The Carina beta from Rackspace makes it fast and simple to start a Docker Swarm cluster. They have put the Docker experience front and center without any abstraction," said Nick Stinemates, VP business development of Docker, Inc. "You can get started in under a minute and pull images into a cluster straight from Docker Hub, or leverage existing Docker tools and plugins that natively “just work.” This is exciting as it builds on and partners with our existing community and ecosystem. The focus on container developer experience is paramount and they're showing a commitment to it.”

Rackspace is committed to becoming the leading trusted provider for helping customers build, deploy and run container-based applications, with a vision of offering choice of cloud platform from public to private and enabling an easy-to-use experience. Carina is now available as a free beta offering on the Rackspace Public Cloud for US customers. To join the beta program and learn more, please visit

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