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Objectif Libre Training for OpenStack

Using OpenStack

Beginner Level

At the end of the course you will:

- master cloud computing concepts

- know the OpenStack components and understand their functions

- know how to use your private or public cloud

- know how to program your cloud in Python


  • OpenStack Dashboard
Location Starts Ends Duration  
Paris, France Jun 06, 2017 Jun 07, 2017 2 Days Register

Setting up OpenStack

Intermediate Level

At the end of the course you will:

- master the cloud computing concepts

- understand the OpenStack components

- be able to create and manage your own cloud with OpenStack


  • OpenStack Compute
  • OpenStack Object Storage
  • OpenStack Image Service
  • OpenStack Networking
  • OpenStack Dashboard
  • OpenStack Orchestration
  • OpenStack Identity
  • OpenStack Metering
  • OpenStack Block Storage
Location Starts Ends Duration  
Toulouse, France May 22, 2017 May 24, 2017 3 Days Register

Advanced Setup of OpenStack

Advanced Level

At the end of the course you will:

- understand the advanced OpenStack components

- be able to create a robust infrastructure with OpenStack

- know how to set-up High Availability on your own cloud

- be able to make the appropriate architecture choices to meet your expectations


  • OpenStack Networking
Location Starts Ends Duration  
Toulouse, France Jun 21, 2017 Jun 23, 2017 3 Days Register

COA Training Partner

Objectif Libre provides a full range of trainings focused on OpenStack. Intermediate on-demand and customized courses are available, in French or English. Our courses are always: - fully written and taught by our own experts, who actually work on cloud projects and actively contribute to OpenStack. - focus on hands-on and practice : theoretical teachings, which are designed to help you understand principles and thinking, consistently come with specific practice of the contents learned, accompanied by support material in electronic format Additional courses (Heat: Resource Management and Deployment, OpenStack: Development) are available on demand on http://www.objectif-libre.com/en/catalogue-formations/.


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