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About Sharktech

Sharktech was founded in 2002, pioneering DDoS Protection as a Service.  Over the past 20 years, we have expanded our services based on our  customers‘ needs by focusing on our customer relations, management  platform, and infrastructure optimization.  Enabling our customers to succeed is our passion and we work directly  with our customers to design custom solutions, troubleshooting  configuration and leveraging our team experience to the advancement of  our customers’ businesses. At Sharktech we are not your  faceless service provider, but rather your partners, by your side at  the ready to help you. 

Sharktech Commitment

Sharktech’s initial venture into DDoS Protection, providing a unique  service to our customers, was developed on Open-Source systems. Our  business venture and innovation would not have been possible without  Open-Source solutions that we  were able to alter to fit our needs. Innovation thrives when barriers  are limited or removed, competitiveness is what drives us forward.  Sharktech will always be on the side of a free and open internet and our  commitment to Open-Source systems is unwavering.

Sharktech Cloud Services

Public, Dedicated and Private Cloud Solutions instantly available on an easy-to-manage platform. Our Cloud infrastructure is built on resilient and optimized infrastructure providing our customers a scalable, reliable, and cost-effective solution.

Other Details

Pricing Options

Per minute  
Long-term Contract  

Supported Hypervisors

KVM QEMU LXC ESXi Hyper-V Docker Xen Solaris z/VM

Supported Guests

Windows Linux Solaris


West Coast
Rocky Mountain
Western Netherlands
West Coast #2

Data Center Locations

Los Angeles Denver Chicago Amsterdam Las Vegas

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Regions where support is offered

North America


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