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2013 Board Election: Candidate List

Candidates On The Ballot

The candidates on this list have the 10 nominations required to be on the election ballot and have completed the application.



Tim Bell

Nominated by: Jonathan Bryce Todd Morey Mark McLoughlin Tom Fifield Vishvananda Ishaya Syed Armani Tristan Goode David Lyle Kavit Munshi Kyle Mestery

About Tim Bell

Tim is responsible for the group at CERN which manages the infrastructure services for 11,000 physicists around the world. I previously worked as a Unix kernel developer at IBM along with managing large scale Unix production deployments and services for Deutsche Bank in Europe.

My team is running the CERN OpenStack cloud which has been in production since July 2013 and is currently around 80,000 cores. This cloud provides processing power for the physicists working on the Large Hadron Collider and its experiments which produce around 27PB a year. We had the honour of winning the inaugural superuser award (http://superuser.openstack.org/articles/and-the-superuser-award-goes-to) in Paris for contributions to OpenStack.


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Monty Taylor

Nominated by: Alexis Munyandekwe Jay Cuthrell Szilvia Racz Mark McLoughlin Adam Lawson Tristan Goode Thierry Carrez Russell Bryant Sean Dague Anita Kuno

About Monty Taylor

I currently work full-time on OpenStack for IBM. I lead a team that works on running the Developer Infrastructure systems for the project, as well as other pure-upstream development efforts. I am past PTL of the OpenStack Infra Program and set up the original project gating infrastructure. I currently sit on the Technical Committee. Previously, I was a core developer on Drizzle and was a Senior Consultant for MySQL, Inc. I've been a Python hacker by choice since 2000, and am currently a member of the Python Software Foundation.

I have a degree in Theatre Directing and went to grad school at CalArts in lighting design. The intersection of fields has led me to start more than one business around developing technology for and related to live performance. I continue to work in the theatre, and regularly light shows in New York, Seattle and Austin.

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Rob Hirschfeld

Nominated by: Simon Anderson Carl Perry Shamail Tahir Mike Veitch Tobias Ford Tristan Goode Carsten Duch Doug Hellmann Wences Michel Troy Toman

About Rob Hirschfeld

Serving on OpenStack Board since 2012, I've been driving the Core Definition (DefCore) Process and Product Working Group (Hidden Influencers).  I am a balanced voice between business, development and operations needs.  I am also "commercially unbiased" since I am not an employee of a major contributor, vendor or sponsor.

I have been involved in Cloud for over 15 years and launched some of the earliest Cloud companies.  My educational background (Duke and LSU) is in computer science and systems engineering with a focus on distributed systems.  I have always found deployment to be vitally important in developments - that lead me to found a SaaS start-up in 1999 and had made me a DevOps advocate.  In addition to core cloud technologies, I am an Agile/Lean/TDD process evangelist who strongly believes that stability is a feature.

Professionally, I am the CEO and Founder of RackN.  A company focused on automating physical provisioning at scale through the OpenCrowbar project.  Before that, I was a Sr Distinguished Engineer at Dell leading our OpenStack Cloud project (http://wp.me/PF6d2-bj) and also a founder of the Crowbar project (http://wp.me/PF6d2-ix).  In both roles, I am in constant contact with OpenStack users, ecosystem developers and vendors world-wide; consequently, I have a very broad perspective on use and technical needs for OpenStack and related Cloud technologies.

You can get a much better perspective on me and my position on OpenStack by visiting http://robhirschfeld.com.

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Peter Pouliot

Nominated by: Alessandro Pilotti Dorin Paslaru Zsolt Dudás Chris Valean Adrian Vladu Nashwan Azhari Cosmin Poieana Gabriel Adrian Samfira Rob Hirschfeld Lucian Petrut

About Peter Pouliot

I help to maintain OpenStack integration with Microsoft's Virtualization platform Hyper-V.

My tenure at Microsoft began in March 2012 with a task of organizing community members to restore and maintain Hyper-V intgration within OpenStack.  Our team was successful in restoring the Hyper-V functionality to OpenStack in time for the Folsom release and the Continouous Integration Infrastructure running for the Juno release.

I currently act as the OpenStack subject matter expert within Microsoft as well as the evangelist for OpenStack awareness and adoption of OpenStack Windows platforms.

Prior to Microsoft I worked for Novell in the Joint Interoperabilty Lab with Microsoft.  There our team focused on testing and validating Linux workloads on Hyper-V and Windows workloads on Xen and KVM.  In April 2011 I successfully deployed the first OpenStack Cloud using Hyper-V and began my evangelism for Hyper-V within the OpenStack community. Additional experiance includes linux high avialability, network and datacenter infrastructure and security.



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Randy Bias

Nominated by: Jay Cuthrell Tamara Johnston Sebastian Stadil Rafael Rivero John Dewey Shamail Tahir Andrey Pavlov Imran Hayder Feodor Tersin Tushar Kalra

About Randy Bias

His prescient views on the profound disruption caused by cloud computing have made Randy Bias one of the industry’s most influential voices. He is an evangelist who was among the first to articulate the generational transition of IT from mainframe to enterprise computing and then to cloud in addition to popularizing the cloud server "pets vs. cattle" meme. 

Randy was an early and vocal supporter of the OpenStack project and Cloudscaling was part the initial OpenStack launch in summer of 2010.  He led the teams that deployed the first public OpenStack storage cloud (Swift) outside of Rackspace, and the first public OpenStack compute cloud (Nova). He is a founding Board Member of the OpenStack Foundation. He continues to be a vocal advocate of OpenStack, through his company, his writing and his speaking engagements. 

His voice is frequently heard in media outlets such as GigaOm, InformationWeek, The Economist, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, ReadWriteWeb, O’Reilly Radar, Light Reading, and others, in addition to the Cloudscaling blog. He is a regular keynote speaker and panelist at events from the OpenStack Summit to VMworld, Structure, eComm, CloudConnect, Interop, CloudBeat, CloudExpo, The Web Summit, and Gluecon.

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Kyle Mestery

Nominated by: Edward Henry Myles Steinhauser Steve Noble Britt Houser Sudeep Lohith Jay Cuthrell Ryan Hughes Jesse Proudman Marcel de Bont Sumeet Prasad

About Kyle Mestery

Kyle is a Senior Director and Chief Technologist for Open Source Networking at HP. He works primarly on Open Source projects including OpenStack, Open vSwitch, OpenDayllight, and libvirt. Kyle has a passion for Open Source software and believes the power of an open community can change the world. He has been writing systems software for over 15 years. Kyle lives with his wife and family in Minnesota.

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Election Details

Nominations for Individual Board Members have closed.