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About the Position

The Board of Directors is ultimately legally responsible for the Foundation as a corporate entity. Board activities include oversight of the Foundation and its budget, strategy and goals according to the mission and responsibilities. Having directors elected by the Individual Members provides an opportunity for a broad set of people in the community to participate in the Board and be represented. The Individual Member Director seats will make up 1/3 of the Board or 8 of the 24 seats.

Individual Member Directors need to attend regular quarterly Board meetings and any special meetings that come up. The meetings will be held in a way that allows for remote participation. They should be willing to gather input and feedback from community members as it relates to Board decisions. As a true corporate board, Board members are responsible for fiduciary duties and adhering to an expanded code of conduct.

About The Nominees

Below is the current list of nominees for the OpenStack Foundation 2012 Board Member Elections who have received at least ten nominations. Each candidate must receive at least 10 nominations to appear on the ballot. Any questions on the nominations or elections can be directed to [email protected] (Jonathan Bryce is the acting Secretary).

About The Election

Individual Member Director elections for the 2012 Board will be held August 20, 2012 to August 24, 2012. You must be a member of the OpenStack Foundation to vote in the election process. You can join the OpenStack Foundation for free or learn more about the OpenStack Foundation Bylaws.

In accordance with the OpenStack Foundation Bylaws, Board elections will take place online using a cumulative voting method. No more than two members of the Board may be affiliated with the same company, which means the candidate receiving the next highest votes would assume the seat if the election results in too many employees from a single company. The seats for Individual Member Directors serving in 2012 will come up for election in 2013, but they may be nominated and reelected indefinitely. The next election for Individual Member Directors will take place during the first two weeks of January 2013.