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Technical Committee

The OpenStack Technical Committee provides technical leadership for OpenStack as a whole. Responsibilities include enforcing OpenStack ideals (such as Openness, Transparency, Commonality, Integration and Quality), deciding on issues that impact multiple programs, providing an ultimate appeals board for technical decisions and general oversight. It is a fully-elected Committee that represents the contributors to the project, and more details about membership and programs may be found in its charter.

Amy Marrich

Red Hat, Inc.

Amy has been involved in Open Source since its early years as both an Operator and as an Open Source Software Development Manager. She joined the OpenStack community with the Grizzly release in 2013 while operating a private cloud and started contributing patches during the Mitaka release while at Rackspace. Over the years she has become a Core Reviewer on several projects and has held various leadership roles. She currently serves on the Open Infrastructure Foundation Board of Directors and is Chair of the Compensation Committee and a member of the Finance Committee. In addition, she is a member of the OpenStack Technical Committee, chair of the OIF Diversity and Inclusion Working Group, and previously served as the chair of the OpenStack User Committee. Amy is currently employed at Red Hat as an Open Source Evangelist and Principal Technical Marketing Manager while also serving as the Community Architect for the RDO Project.

Brian Rosmaita

Red Hat

Brian Rosmaita is a core contributor to Cinder and Glance (and Searchlight, when it was still a thing). He's been Cinder PTL (for Ussuri through Yoga), and Glance PTL (for Ocata, Pike, and Queens). He currently serves on the OpenStack Technical Committee. He's a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat. Brian formerly worked as part of the now defunct OpenStack Innovation Center.  For a while he as a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff at Verizon Wireless.  He's been an active technical contributor to OpenStack since the Folsom release and was a software developer on the Rackspace first generation cloud.  He's also spent some time in product management, where among other things, he was instrumental in the launch of Cloud Images, the Rackspace Public Cloud offering built on OpenStack Glance.  He's also a Certified OpenStack Administrator.  Brian is a recovering philosopher who spends his spare time reading, listening to music, walking the dog, and doing family-type stuff with his family.

Dan Smith

Red Hat


Ghanshyam Mann


Ghanshyam is currently serving multiple roles in OpenInfra/OpenStack Community. He is the Individual Board of Directors in OpenInfra Foundation, Chair of the OpenStack Technical Committee, Core developer in various OpenStack projects (Nova, QA and a few more), and also served as OpenStack QA project PTL. He started working in OpenStack with NEC in 2012 as a cloud support engineer, and since 2014 he has been involved in upstream development. His main upstream focus is on Nova, QA, API stability, and CI/CD. In addition, he is passionate about bringing more contributors to the Open Infra family and helping them in onboarding in the community via different programs like First Contact SIG, Upstream Institute Trainings, and mentorship. Before OpenStack Upstream, he worked in different domains like Avionics, Storage, Cloud, and Virtualization. Ghanshyam started his career in technology as a C++ software developer to automate the flight management system which reduces flight operating costs as well as the pilot workload. He has also been a frequent speaker in various Open Source events such as OpenStack summit, Open Infra summit, Open source summit, Open Infra Days, and LinuxCon on various topics like RESTful API, QA, Cloud Backup, Open Source Community Building, Open Source Governance. In addition, he has been actively involved in various PoC and solutions designs around Cloud OSS and currently serving as Cloud Consultant in NEC. More Details:

James Page



James Page is an Ubuntu and Debian Developer and previous PTL of the OpenStack Charms project.

James is currently focussed on distribution and deployment of OpenStack on Ubuntu and currently works for Canonical as Technical Architect of the OpenStack Engineering team.

Jay Faulkner


Jay Faulkner is an Open Source Developer and Advocate at G-Research Open Source Software. Jay has been working on Ironic since 2014 and served as Project Team Lead for the 2023.1, 2023.2 and 2024.1 cycles.

Jens Harbott




Kristi Nikolla

Boston University