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Company Profile: Whitestack

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Whitestack is a company aimed to accelerate adoption of Cloud, SDN and NFV in Latin American markets. Their initial focus is on the Telecom and Data Center industries, which have proven to be clear use cases to deploy these new technologies in order to become more competitive. Whitestack is leading the deployment of OpenStack in Telco production environments at these markets.

Whitestack believes in a model where service providers own and operate their own Cloud Infrastructure, and support VNFs from different vendors in a synergic approach, that ends transferring all the benefits of cloud computing to its core business.

Whitestack data center solutions take the best and proven components from the hyper scalable model, being able to offer a completely open solution comprised by white box switches, OEM high density servers, Linux and OpenStack.

Contributions To OpenStack From Whitestack

Whitestack participates in ETSI initiatives towards NFV standardization and adoption, and plans to be the leading provider in open NFV orchestration. Whitestack is leading the efforts to position OpenStack and SDN in Latin America, with certified training in Spanish and Portuguese, and production deployments.

Products & Services

Our flagship product in our OpenStack distribution: WhiteCloud. WhiteCloud includes all the fine tuning required for NFV in its standard setup, in order to provide Telcos the best setup for high performance VNFs.

Whitestack Services - Consulting services, to help Telcos, Data Centers and Corporations understand the value of deploying OpenStack, assess their infrastructure, and define a implementation program.

Executive training, to introduce managers to the benefits of Cloud Computing with OpenStack, and technical training in preparation for the Certified OpenStack Administrator exam.

OpenStack deployments in small, medium and large environments, including tools that bring a smoother transition from legacy virtualization solution.

Remote management services, in order to allow our customers to focus in revenue generation, leaving all the management tasks in safe hands.

Different support formats, providing customers peace of mind of knowing their OpenStack platform is going to work as intended.

For More Information

Please contact us at [email protected]