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Company Profile: vScaler Ltd.

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vScaler Ltd.

Cloud Infrastructure and Services


vScaler has been under development for a number of years, orchestrated from a consortium of IT professionals who have recognised the need for a hybrid approach to cloud computing. 


At its core, vScaler is essentially a cloud platform and service that offers a hybrid approach towards cloud computing, allowing for private cloud adoption and access to a public resource when demand dictates. With vScaler, you can deploy your on-premise private cloud in minutes, add cloud-based services or applications, and scale to public or hybrid cloud environments on-demand - all under a single management portal. 

Contributions To OpenStack From vScaler Ltd.

Our engineers are contributing to the OpenStack community projects such as Sahara and are in the process of establishing a HPC project/working group.

Products & Services

vScaler on-premise cloud product and public infrastructure - please visit or contact [email protected] for more information

For More Information

Please contact us at [email protected]