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Company Profile: Ultimum Technologies a.s.

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Ultimum Technologies a.s.

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Ultimum Technologies is European provider of OpenStack powered cloud solutions for hosted private and on-site private deployments based in Prague, Czech Republic. The company was established in 2010 primarily focusing on research and development of software for complex systems simulations. Since then, the company has expanded the scope of its activities to the development, deployment and integrations of open cloud platforms and services. The vast experience has been employed in the company's offerings of the Ultimum Cloud and Ultimum OpenStack.  


Contributions To OpenStack From Ultimum Technologies a.s.

Our innovative, systematic approach and technological know-how of OpenStack platform allows us to provide worldwide cloud solutions and services with high added value to all of our customers over the long term. We emphasise the quality of our project designs, which in turn helps you to support customer's business goals.

Products & Services

Ultimum Cloud provides an Infrastructure as a Service Cloud for enterprise customers. It offers highly available and highly scalable compute resources with an emphasis on performance, automation and Open Source technologies and API’s. Ultimum Cloud aims at providing standardized cloud technology platform built from the OpenStack projects Nova, Neutron, Glance, Keystone, Swift, Cinder, Horizon and others. OpenStack API’s are available to clients to simplify deployments of their workloads. This service is available at The registration is free and available to any who is interested to make the journey to next generation IT.


Ultimum OpenStack provides a compact infrastructure cloud ecosystem based on OpenStack to business driven clients or partners who need to transform their current IT into a new-generation platform offering seamless deployment of scalable, agile, highly available compute, storage and networking resources in their own organization. The Ultimum OpenStack is also available to those solution providers who decide to provide their customers with the privilege of a new generation IT service.

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