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Company Profile: Troila Technology

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Troila Technology


Established in 2009, Troila Tech is a leading corporate-level provider for information technology service. The company takes full advantage of the new generation of information technology, such as AI, Big Data and Cloud Computing, to provide enterprise users with all-round information technology services, such as consulting, integration & development, operation & maintenance and so on. TROILA Kunlun cloud is a cloud product under TROILA Technology. TROILA Kunlun cloud has high-level quality and competitiv cloud software such as TROILA Kunlun Cloud·Private cloud, TROILA Kunlun Cloud·Container Cloud, TROILA Kunlun Cloud·Cloud desktop, etc.

Contributions To OpenStack From Troila Technology

TROILA Technology is the Gold Member of the OpenStack Foundation, which insists on contributing to the OpenStack community. It is devoted to promoting the OpenStack version evolution and R&D and testing of OpenStack community projects by building the joint laboratory with OSF, and then accelerating the pace of the landing and development of OpenStack in China.

Products & Services

TROILA Kunlun Cloud·Private Cloud

Kunlun Cloud·Private cloud is a cloud operating system developed by TROILA Technology, which can help users cope with the complex cloud environment, realize automatic business perception, intelligent resource management, and automatic service delivery.

TROILA Kunlun Cloud·Container Cloud

TROILA Kunlun Cloud·Container Cloud platform is an enterprise-level distributed multi-tenant container management platform. It is a new generation of software development, integration, management and operation platform driven by large-scale and reliable cloud services and a large number of high-performance Internet applications.

TROILA Kunlun Cloud·Cloud Desktop

TROILA Kunlun Cloud·Cloud desktop is a virtual desktop application. It migrates the operating system and data of the personal desktop from the local computer to the data center, displays them to the user terminal in the form of image through the unique transmission protocol, and realizes the centralized management by the way of desktop delivery. Users can access the same desktop flexibly through any device at anytime and anywhere, and get the same user experience as traditional PC.

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