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Company Profile: Taikun Cloud

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Taikun Cloud


Taikun, founded in 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic, is a venture capital and founder-funded organization with a growing global presence, now employing 30 people worldwide. With over 30 years of collective experience in open source and cloud native technologies, Taikun caters to a diverse customer base across sectors such as telecommunications, cloud service providers, global system integrators, independent software vendors, and businesses ranging from SMBs to large enterprises. Its customer footprint spans EMEA and the US, with expansion efforts targeting the LATAM and APAC regions. As an active member of the CNCF & Linux Foundation, Taikun contributes to the development of cloud-native solutions. Additionally, Taikun is a proud member of the OpenInfra Foundation, emphasizing its commitment to open infrastructure. Taikun's adherence to best practices and industry standards is affirmed by its ISO 27001, 20000-1, and 9001 certifications, showcasing its dedication to information security, service management, and quality management.

Contributions To OpenStack From Taikun Cloud

Taikun's commitment to open infrastructure and open source is fundamental to its mission, reflecting a belief in the power of collaborative, transparent technology development. As a member of the OpenInfra Foundation, Taikun upholds the values of open-source communities, ensuring that its solutions foster innovation and maintain user autonomy. This ethos is mirrored in its partnership with the CNCF & Linux Foundation, where it contributes to the advancement of cloud-native ecosystems. Taikun’s approach not only champions open standards and interoperability but also ensures that its services are aligned with the highest standards of security, efficiency, and scalability.