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Company Profile: SparkmyCloud Technologies

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SparkmyCloud Technologies

Cloud Consultants and Integrators


Sparkmycloud Technologies has a team of certified engineers who can design, architect and implement Openstack cloud services by following structured processes and in-depth experience harnessed from complex IT Infrastructure deployments. We ensure a robust, high quality installation and seamless implementation which enhance functional or operational stability. Complexities of managing multiple services of openstack is made simple by effectively integrating to Openstack dashboard.

Contributions To OpenStack From SparkmyCloud Technologies

Sparkmycloud implements every version of Openstack Inhouse to test the functionality of it, we then identifies the bugs and raise it to the community. We also provide training to the Server Admins and Developers in Openstack so the customer base increases for Openstack Cloud. We also conduct the awareness programmes about Openstack.

Products & Services

Sparkmycloud Cloud implementation service consists of following elements:


  • Cloud Solution design workshop

  • Cloud Solution Implementation

  • Handover of Documentation and Training


Service Specification


Cloud Solution design Workshop:


Sparkmycloud consultant will submit a scope of the project to the customer. The customer's suggestions and changes will be taken into consideration before finalizing the scope. Upon approval of scope, results will be agreed upon by customer and Sparkmycloud consultant by a signed SOW Statement of Work


Activities Involved


  • Review customer's current IT Infrastructure

  • Define Solution Requirements

  • Identify gaps and areas of improvements

  • Define target performance metrics

  • Detailed documentation of the architecture

  • Implementation of the plan Network and Operational

  • Issue Statement of Work

Solution Implementation


A team of Sparkmycloud Consultants will be deployed for Opentack cloud implementation at the customer's premises.


Activities involved

  • Verify the hardware and network provided by the customer

  • Setup the hardware for the POC setup

  • Start installing the Openstack cloud components

  • Ensure that Openstack components are working seamlessly

  • Design specific configurations Network and Operational

  • The entire cloud solution testing and fix the errors

  • Handover the solution to customer for experience the new cloud

  • Once customer is satisfied and gives the go ahead signal

  • Deploying the cloud solution in full scale

  • Thorough testing of the deployed cloud solution

  • Work with Customer IT staff to migrate their existing applications to cloud

  • Ensure full customer application is working seamlessly in new cloud environment

Handover Documentation and Training


After a successful implementation of cloud soluiton, all documentation is handed over to customer. The customer will be trained in the essential administrative and operational task of the new cloud solution. Sparkmycloud support team will be assigned to give a 24/7 support for the early life of the solution.

For More Information

Please contact us at [email protected]