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Company Profile: Sihua Technology

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Sihua Technology


Shanghai Sihua Technology was founded on August 2000, and is a professional supplier of cloud computing and software defined storage products. It established a good reputation in cloud computing industry. Based on OpenStack ecosystem, Sihua Tech provides widely deployed stable and reliable applications to SMB enterprise customers.

Sihua tech is optimistic about the future and growth of cloud, and invest actively in virtualization, cloud computing, and big data field. Sihua sets up subsidiaries in Silicon Valley in the United States, which research the latest technology direction.

The slogan of Sihua: Gathering global intelligence, Providing professional services.

Contributions To OpenStack From Sihua Technology

Tracking latest OpenStack technology, Expecting contributions to the community.

Products & Services

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual Mobile Infrastructure

Hyper-Converged Storage

Unified Storage of software defined

Cloud Pre-Integrated Server