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Company Profile: Shanghai Anosm Networking Technology Co. LTD

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Shanghai Anosm Networking Technology Co. LTD


ANOSM network technology is a small start-up company in Shanghai, China. ANOSM provides IT consultant service for the leading OTT companies and Service Providers in China.

ANOSM focus on the latest technologies of networking/storage/virtualization/Cloud Computing, provide the best service and user experience for the custom with these new technologies.

ANOSM has 30 engineers in China.

Contributions To OpenStack From Shanghai Anosm Networking Technology Co. LTD

ANOSM plans to focus on the SWIFT/Cinder module of Openstack. We will do some interworking testing for the Cinder module. ANOSM will provide the feedback to the OpenStack forum.

Products & Services

ANOSM will provide the cloud computer service with OpenStack software to the customers. ANOSM will build software platforms for the customers based on thO OpenStack software and some open source tools.

For More Information

Please contact us at Jin Hai <[email protected]>