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Company Profile: Saudi Telecom Company (STC)

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Saudi Telecom Company (STC)


STC is a Saudi cloud marketplace that aims to elevate the Enterprise and SME ecosystem in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is built by local engineers for local developers and Enterprise and small, medium business owners. It tries to empower local talents and increase local content and innovation to help the country realize its Vision 2030.

We deliver enterprise cloud management, secure servers, storage, public and private networks. All delivered with the right compliance. Bluvalt is compliance with ISO 27001, CSA Star, ISO 27017 and PCI DSS.

Contributions To OpenStack From Saudi Telecom Company (STC)

We are using OpenStack eco system since Spring 2014. We had started with a Beta version of OpenStack and growing steadily. We own 3 Datacenters across Saudi Arabia and still expanding. We are providing Infrastructure as a Service as the base service and build a variety of services on top of OpenStack. Customer can subscribe the service from our State-of-the art Marketplace.

We are providing Managed services as well to our Customers. Our OpenStack engineers supporting the OpenStack community forum by answering questions, providing solutions to other members.

Products & Services

Bluvalt - OpenStack Powered Public Cloud

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