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Company Profile: Sardina Systems

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Sardina Systems

Open Source Private Cloud Software Technology


Founded in 2014, Sardina Systems provides awards-winning, world class, intelligent and automated virtualized systems management technology enabling corporations to greatly increase service assurance, application agility and operational reliability, reduce operational complexity and carbon footprint, coupled with increased IT operations flexibility and unparalleled efficiency of scale.

Sardina Systems has operations in the UK, Luxembourg, Germany, Indonesia.

Contributions To OpenStack From Sardina Systems

Sardina Systems has developed a product that is taking OpenStack cloud innovation to the next level and delivers the most efficient cloud platform avaialable.

FishOS product allows enterprises and service provider clouds to harness OpenStack’s capabilities to build a scalable future-proof cloud, and to manage this cloud in a manner that is hyper efficient, while significant savings the operational costs and higher utilization at scale.

FishOS promises to deliver zero-donwtime operations for the OpenStack systems.

Products & Services

Sardina Systems develops OpenStack + Kubernetes cloud platform for Zero-Downtime Operations.

Sardina FishOS provides operators flexible, lightweight deployment tools (for the Deploy phase of lifecycle), efficient, scalable and reliable, Zero-Downtime operation of the environment (for the Operate phase), and zero-downtime upgrade (for the Upgrade phase).

Designed to meet stringent large scale data center requirements, FishOS cuts data center operators’ energy OpEx by at least a half, reduces hardware and facilities’ CapEx and maximizes returns on cloud infrastructure investments.

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