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Company Profile: SafeBrands

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Cloud Hosting Services


Founded in 1997 SafeBrands offers a personalized and high-quality service to thousands of clients in its two areas of expertise: comprehensive domain name portfolio management and added value cloud hosting services. SafeBrands now comprises over 35 web professionals in two expert divisions, providing companies with high-end services and products that are constantly evolving.

Contributions To OpenStack From SafeBrands

We are contributing to OpenStack by promoting the technology to our Clients. Presenting it as a free and open-source software platform for cloud computing and always referring to the OpenStack foundation.

Products & Services

Public/private Cloud Hosting Services :

IaaS : Our IaaS packages provide access to manage an IT infrastructure service in a virtual environment, enabling virtual resources such as virtual machines, storage, firewalls, networks and servers to be created on demand.

PaaS : PaaS packages provide access to a software development environment for developers comprising an entire ready to use middleware layer (e.g. PHP, MySQL), based on standardization principles.

SaaS : Ready-to-use business applications including collaboration, productivity and CMS tools installed and preconfigured for optimum long-term use. All of them comply with market standards.


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