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Company Profile: OVHcloud

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Founded in 1999, the OVHcloud innovates at the heart of the Internet, data centers (380,000 physical servers) and network (20 Tbps). As a result, today it is a major player in the European cloud market. OVHcloud offers tools and solutions that are simple yet powerful, revolutionizing the way its 1,5B worldwide customers work. Its credo is technology must serve business. Respect for the individual, freedom, and equal opportunity to access new technologies have always been and will be strong commitments of the company. 

Contributions To OpenStack From OVHcloud

OVHcloud works in many areas in the community, from technical contributions with patches, reviews and feedbacks, to marketing actions like participating to events or promoting OpenStack. We’re also one of the initial participants in the OpenStack Passport program. In practice, we also provide resources to the community for the CI/CD and the hands on workshops during the OpenStack Summits.

Products & Services

Public Cloud

OVHcloud runs OpenStack for one of his main product "Public Cloud", it provides storage and compute ressources based on a large infrastructure splitted in many regions all around the world. We worked on high availability solutions for our users using strong hardware and robust open source software. The APIs are available for the users and a user-friendly interface can be used to manage easily every part of the cloud. Our solution is integrated with other products available at OVHcloud like network IP Failover, inter-region private networks and load balancers.

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