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Company Profile: Nipa Cloud

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Nipa Cloud


NIPA Technology was established in 1996 and focuses on innovation being a very first Thailand end-to-end digital marketing agency for many years. We are now providing cloud computing services, which include enterprise public cloud, private/edge cloud, cloud storage, and fabric networking based on OpenStack, Ceph and Tungsten Fabric.

NIPA Cloud team has learned tremendously from our first public cloud which is running under Ocata version of OpenStack providing cloud services for the past four years with Ceph storage. We are now launching a brand new version of enterprise public cloud – Victoria with RADOS-based Ceph Stack. With our software development team, we replace Horizon with our own NIPA Cloud Platform (NCP) including billing system which makes it possible to provide “Pay-as-you-go” model.

NIPA Cloud is now certified according to ISO 270001 (since 2017), ISO 20000-1, ISO 29110 – for cloud security and service management professional, and software development process. Our services expand to multi data centers within Thailand using fabric networking.

Contributions To OpenStack From Nipa Cloud

NIPA is totally committed to open source community. We started out with OpenStack Ocata and we have not looked back since. Our OpenStack entire team is probably the best in Thailand and it’s ready to commit back to global community through telemetry and dashboard tools. We are Gold Member of the OpenInfra Foundation and a leader of Openstack community in Thailand organizing Openstack Day Thailand and Meetup events.

For More Information

Please contact us at Abhisak Chulya(CEO) <[email protected]>