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Company Profile: iVolve

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iVolve Technologies specializes in designing, building, securing and managing cloud services. We help service providers & telecom in setting up Software Defined Cloud Datacenter based on OpenStack and Kubernetes. We also help enterprises in digital transformation of their IT operations by adopting cloud services.
If you are a service provider, our proven experts can help you deliver fully-managed OpenStack cloud with implementing security, compliance and sovereignty requirements. We can also modernize your network and storage using software-defined networking and storage (SDN & SDS) technologies. Our strong DevOps team can develop orchestration and automation required to deliver services at scale.
With our managed cloud services, we help businesses better exploit technology: accelerating time to market, resolving deployment challenges, empowering teams and enhancing processes. We take pride in having one of the most talented cloud engineering and operations team who help customers implement “Cloud-First” strategy.
At iVolve we help you get the most out of cloud, creating powerful hybrid services that solve your business problems.

Contributions To OpenStack From iVolve


The Cloud7 platform enables service providers of any size and a wide variety of business models to automate, aggregate and monetize their own cloud and digital services as well as those from third-parties.

Cloud7 is designed with an extendable framework to support & integrate different providers. It will help you automate your business flow with a simplified customer engagement process.

OpenStack Cloud Consulting

iVolve can help you with OpenStack deployment and management by offering its wide range of Cloud Consulting Services.

OpenStack Managed Services

iVolve can help you with the management of your OpenStack-based cloud so that you can focus on your core business instead of management of the cloud infrastructure.

OpenStack Design Services

Our experts can help you with designing an OpenStack deployment keeping in view your security, compliance and sovereignty requirements.

OpenStack Migration Services

We can help you move your existing workloads to OpenStack environment with a near zero downtime using our live-migration tools.