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Company Profile: inwinSTACK

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inwinSTACK Inc. is the largest open source RD center in Taiwan, striving to do everything in open source. We are dedicated to become the leading integrated OpenStack solution provider worldwide and share our vision “Great OpenStack Delivery.”


With our accumulated experiences and insight in the cloud industry, we believe that OpenStack IaaS Platform will become the mainstream in IDC operators and the IT system market for enterprises. Therefore, our RD engineers are committed themselves in Cloud Platform (OpenStack), Software Defined Software (Ceph), and Cloud File System (ownCloud). In OpenStack ecosystem, we have been building collaborative relationship with both domestic and international vendors to provide customized and user-friendly total solution for users to manage IT environment.



Our values are Open, Share, and Positive. As a member of OpenStack Community, we grow up with users and partners and help OpenStack Community grow by contributing our outcomes back to the OpenStack Community.

Contributions To OpenStack From inwinSTACK


Top 7

Improve Stack resources and refactoring and bug fixes


Top 20 on patch set


Top 4

API spec documentation


Partly translated Horizon and release note in traditional Chinese

Translated Kilo Release Document in traditional Chinese

Added missing descriptions and modified architecture diagrams and contents based on experience through our OpenStack deployments


Horizon, Cinder, and other 22 modules


Products & Services

We focuse on openstack, ceph and owncloud:
Solution and Technical Training
Architecture Planning and Software Deployment
Customized Cloud Platform
Cloud Platform Upgrading Services
Professional Technical Services and Consultation

For More Information

Please contact us at [email protected]