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High performance Cloud and Hosting (IaaS)

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The performance of your IT strategy depends on the performance of your infrastructure—its speed, resiliency and scalability.


But as increasingly complex data center and multicloud solutions transform the ways we power applications and connect them to people, achieving the performance vital to the purpose of your organization is no longer straightforward.


From data center location and compute environments to network security and interconnection, myriad factors dictate the performance of critical workloads and systems.

At INAP, we make performance-driven IT transformations a reality every day.


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Contributions To OpenStack From INAP


INAP has been participating on and off in the community since 2013, with a more systematic and concerted effort since 2015. Feel free to check out more details here:


We also became an official OpenStack Infrastructure donor, and we hope to do our part in helping the Foundation with ongoing development.

Products & Services


INAP Cloud and INAP Bare Metal are built on high performance cloud infrastructure. The platform leverages the core OpenStack services, including Ironic, Keystone, Nova, Neutron, Glance, Cinder and Swift. We provide the most vanilla deployment possible to facilitate portability to and from other providers and private deployments.


Offering both virtualized and bare metal instances, Internap provides a highly scalable and flexible architecture to fit with your precise application needs. Not only does Internap offer granular CPU and RAM choices for your instances, it also provides solid-state device (SSD) based local ephemeral storage as well as external network attached block storage with finely-grained quality of service.


INAP’s products are globally available in the following regions: US (New York Metro, Dallas and Santa Clara), the UK, The Netherlands, Singapore and Canada. Our IaaS currently powers customer production workloads in gaming, ad tech, web hosting, corporate IT and SaaS vendors.

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