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Company Profile: InContinuum

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Cloud Management Platform


InContinuum develops innovative end-to-end management technologies to enable organizations of all sizes in private and public cloud computing environments to automate and control the configuration, delivery and use of cloud-based managed services.

InContinuum’s cloud management platform – CloudController® – is the ideal solution for organizations that need guaranteed performance, ultimate flexibility and scalability to utilize their IT resources as an automated managed service.

We have deployed our product CloudController with OpenStack Integrations at several internationally operating telecom companies in 7 countries as of June 2016.

Contributions To OpenStack From InContinuum

After two years of development and our first major implementations with OpenStack integrations, we are confident of our value-add for OpenStack and we wish to be pro-active with the OpenStack Foundation and its community. Our goal is to help organizations more easily adopt OpenStack.

When planning how to deploy OpenStack, one must consider how it can co-exist with other virtualization and cloud technologies already in-place. How to accomplish this and avoid unwanted complexity is a challenge.

This is where CloudController plays an important role, simplifying the integration and subsequent management of a heterogeneous or hybrid/multi cloud environment that includes OpenStack-based resources.

We will join the Summit 2016 in Barcelona and participate in the OpenStack Day Benelux 2016.

Products & Services

CloudController Instance Server is a cloud computing automation, orchestration and control management application built upon our own code base that fully automates the creation, deployment and management of Infrastructure-as-a- Service (IaaS) and other value-added cloud services to any cloud user. It is embedded in your cloud infrastructure and provides bundled IaaS with the core of the cloud automation engine as one complete product.

We have developed adapters at component-level so OpenStack can easily be included in an existing Cloud architecture. CloudController’s Universal OpenStack Adapters make it easy to register the desired OpenStack components as cloud resources. OpenStack-based resources are quickly and seamlessly integrated into the CloudController solution – with no required scripting or coding.

Adapters are currently available for the following OpenStack components:

Nova (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) - Create, deploy, and manage VMs, VDCs and tenants

Cinder (block storage) - Create and manage data stores

Ceilometer (manage, monitor and alarm telemetry); - Monitor VM metrics

Glance (disk and server image service). - Read in VM images for deployment via Nova

Neutron (virtual networking) - Automation of security groups, configuration of virtual firewalls, load balancers and routers

Keystone (Identity Management) - Authentication and access control

Our CloudController Platform Builder product allows cloud users to simply and easily package, build and deploy server software platforms, OpenStack and DevOps environments for multiple distributions on any cloud VM or bare metal server resource.

For More Information

Please contact us at Michael van Buren <[email protected]>