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Company Profile: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Information Technology

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise knows that open standards are the foundation for producing effective, innovative solutions faster, which is why we have aligned our strategy with OpenStack® technology.  HPE brings extensive OpenStack software development knowledge and decades of datacenter transformation experience to HPE Helion OpenStack.

Our customers choose HPE Helion OpenStack for three (3) key reasons:

1. Open, complete IaaS solution, hardened for enterprise production workloads -- HPE Helion OpenStack *is* upstream OpenStack.  HPE has tested and hardened many of its core projects for production deployments.  In addition, we have included lifecycle management, monitoring, and automation as part of improving the overall experience of using OpenStack.

2. No vendor lock-in -- HPE Helion OpenStack is built on open standards and open APIs, which enable our customers to deliver successful private cloud IaaS in some of the most complex and heterogeneous enterprise IT environments.

3. Trusted IT Partner -- Customers have access to our global support, services, education, training, and consulting to get up and running quickly. 

HPE recently released HPE Helion OpenStack version 3.0.


Contributions To OpenStack From Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a Platinum Member of the OpenStack Foundation and was first in employee contributors to the Juno, Kilo, and Liberty releases, with a top-five spot in every OpenStack release. HPE has employees serving on the OpenStack Technical Commitee as well as the DefCore, Election, Incubation, Legal Affairs, New Member, Training, and Compensation Committees.

Eileen Evans, the Vice President and Deputy General Counsel of Software, Cloud and Open Source for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, represents HPE on the OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors. In addition to her work with the OpenStack Project, Eileen actively participates in other open source communities and represents HPE on the Linux Foundation Board of Directors. Allison Randall, who leads strategy and engineering for HPE's OpenStack initiatives and upstream contributions, is an elected member to the OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors.

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