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eVolution Networks

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eVolution Networks
Smart Energy Solution for Data Centers
Reducing the energy consumption of data centers by 40%

Data centers are a complex eco system.
The natural evolution of IT services, created an environment that needs to support mission critical applications, in multiple architectures provided by multiple players.
On top of that, the inherent operational risk dictates over provisioning to guarantee the smooth operation of mission critical systems.
When such a complex environment is concentrated in one physical site, naturally, the energy consumption of IT resources is suboptimal, resulting in in high opex costs and eventually a commercial disadvantage.

Energy is 1 of the Top 3 Expenses for Data Centers

·         IT load energy consumption constitutes 80% of the t al energy consumption of the data center

·         By 2020 data centers will consume 140 billion kilowatt-hours annually

Smart Energy Solution for Data Centers

·         40% reduction in IT power consumption

·         40% reduction in co2 emissions

·         A fully automated, self-governing, Energy Management Solution

·         Saving energy without impacting the services SLA

·         Big Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence to decide how much capacity is required 24*7 and which capacities can be put into to sleep mode to SAVE ENERGY!

·         Links seamlessly into any data center

·         Measurable results - View energy savings results in real time 

·         Software only solution

·         Easy to install and mange 

Contributions To OpenStack From eVolution Networks

eVolution Networks writes modules of energy managment

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eVolution Networks - Smart Energy Solution for Mobile Networks

eVolution Networks - Smart Energy Solution for Data Centers

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