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Company Profile: Ehost - "Simple! We're the cloud"

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Ehost - "Simple! We're the cloud"

Computer Services


We offer world-class cloud technology and the flexibility to grow and scale, running systems on public or private clouds, in Vietnam or anywhere else in the world.

Ehost is one of the cloud provider in the Vietnam. Whether you need a single machine or a complex load-balanced cluster, our flexible cloud lets you create the Virtual Private Servers (VPSes) and Cloud Storage you need quickly and securely. We are leading the market with our implementation of the revolutionary OpenStack technology and in the area of cloud certification.

Contributions To OpenStack From Ehost - "Simple! We're the cloud"

We will build openstack for company cloud platform , support bug report and marketing openstack cloud platform to our customer.

Products & Services


·         Cloud Computing


o   Cloud Development


o   Cloud Services


o   Private Cloud


o   Web Development


·         IDC colo services


For More Information

Please contact us at [email protected]