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Company Profile: EasyStack

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Open Cloud Platform Provider


<span style="max-width: 1170px;">EasyStack is a leading open source cloud platform solution provider. Founded in Feb 2014 by the core team of the earliest OpenStacker team of China of the IBM China lab. Based on OpenStack, Kubernetes, Docker, Ceph and other open source technologies, EasyStack provides an open, secure, stable, reliable, and high performance cloud computing capability for enterprise customers. EasyStack delivers open cloud platform and solution services for more than 300 enterprise customers and many of them are Fortune 100 companies, including China Mobile, China Telecom, State Grid, Postal Savings Bank of China, China Unionpay, CIBfintech, Lenovo, TCL, SF Express, Tsinghua University, Tianhe Cloud. EasyStack consistently pursues innovation in technology and contribution to the open source community as gold member of OpenStack foundation and silver member of Linux foundation, CNCF and OCI, and established itself TOP contributor in the recent release of OpenStack, Kubernetes and Ceph. In May 2018, EasyStack completed a RMB 300 million Series C+ round of financing. In August 2018, EasyStack completed Series C++ round of financing with strategic investment from </span>


Contributions To OpenStack From EasyStack



l  Leader of China Open Source Cloud Computing.

l  Founder of and earliest promoter in China.

l  Gold member, one individual Board, 1 PTL's and several core reviewers in OpenStack.

l 5 rounds of funding, attracting more than RMB 750 million. 300M Series C+ funding in May 2018 and Series C++ financing with strategic investment from in August 2018.

l  5+ Years of OpenStack development and contribution.

l  Top 10 contributor in several release of OpenStack.

l  300+ enterprise references in SP, FSI and R&E vertical.

l  100000+ Funding for numerous Chinese fans and donated it to foundation in Jul, 2017.

Products & Services

EasyStack enable you to own private, hosted, public, hybrid cloud in single platform simultaneously and instantly, it is all based on OpenStack.


Hybrid EveryCloud

With unified cloud control platform, you can find most suitable cloud for your business, we provide private, hosted, public and hybrid cloud in single unified platform. 


>Better Control

With complete isolated network, dedicated compute host, on demand storage and self-service control platform, you can spinning up your on-premises OpenStack cloud in minutes.


More Flexibility

Provide mix of bare metal and virtualised options, and deliver unlimited core, RAM to build virtual instances on specific placement, support different type of storage to choose, you can balance resources with more storage performance or more cores and RAM. With per host billing strategy, you will pay for truly used. 


Higher Performance

With dedicated compute, network and storage, every cloud your apply for is unique environment, you can get 1:1 or whatever ration virtual instance to physical resources., you can adjust network bandwidth and storage poll, you will get virtualised resources performance close to physical host.


Stronger Security


With isolated network, you can get internet access separately, fully network, compute host and storage poll will provide fully security of your on-premise cloud. 


Enterprise Workload

With FC SAN, IP SAN or Virtual SAN, you can have Oracle RAC to run enterprise database cluster, with distributed storage and SSD, you can have high performance and PB-level block storage, matching various enterprise’s storage requirement. With flexible customisation of your cloud, you can get processor-intensive and disk I/O-intensive workload. 

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