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Company Profile: DevStack

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DevStack Inc. is a startup company established in 2015, whose founders have been working on the projects running OpenStack in production since early days of OpenStack. Today the company’s vision is to be a leading firm in OpenStack upstream business. The company is building the connected upstream to deliver this vision, combining our technologies in large-centralized Cloud Computing infrastructures and smaller ones massively distributed at the edge of the network and Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery(CI / CD) pipeline frameworks which enable isolated, immutable, configurable infrastructure for edge computing management. By building those products and services, the company has been capitalizing on waves of OpenStack technology; each successive one advancing and extending its scope across the upstream, with increasing effect.

Contributions To OpenStack From DevStack

For the massive shift away from the centralized computing model that enabled the cloud and toward the distribution of more computing power back out to the edge of the network, DevStack Inc. takes part in the development of global control plane of a large number of remote mini / micro / nano data center and autonomy of those fog computing for self-configuring, self-optimizing, self-protecting and self-healing capabilities through a collaborative OpenStack system. And DevStack Inc. will participate in the OpenStack project that aims to provide general purpose management framework for acceleration resources such as GPU and FPGA.

Products & Services

DevStack Inc. offers products:

Hardware accelerated OpenStack appliances for the large-centralized cloud computing infrastructures as well as its own up to date OpenStack distributions; Blockchain based OpenStack global control platforms for smaller cloud computing infrastructures such mini / micro / nano data centers, massively distributed at the edge of the network and professional services:

OpenStack Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery(CI / CD) and Lifecycle Management(LCM) services; Automating deployment, scaling and operations service of OpenStack based on K8S; OpenStack serverless computing services in the form of Infrastructure as a Code.