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Company Profile: DEAC

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Data center operations


Today DEAC is a well-known data center operator in Europe. Since opening business on August 9, 1999, we have continuously developed data centers infrastructure and our team’s professional capabilities, and, every year significantly extending the variety of services offered, increasing our customers’ loyalty. Nowadays, entrusting sensitive data of a business to a service provider means entrusting the whole operation of the business, and the DEAC team appreciates this high level of trust.

Customer contracts contain a detailed description of DEAC’s responsibility for the data and business of our customers. From DEAC’s work experience, it is clear that most of our customers attribute more importance to DEAC’s high reputation in the business circles of Europe and Russia, rather than its contractual description. In recent years, the majority of our new customers have chosen us through recommendations from our existing customers. This indicates that DEAC employees have a high level of responsibility working with customers’ data, and that they can find functional solutions for customers’ technical and business-related problems.

The DEAC team consists of certified and experienced IT experts who continuously improve their thorough competency in data center service provision by attending specialised training in Europe, Russia and USA. DEAC IT experts have gained certificates and recognition by Dell, HP, IBM, Fujitsu, EMC, Juniper, Cisco, VMware, Microsoft, Oracle, APC, Emerson, SDMO and other companies.

Contributions To OpenStack From DEAC

To make a total automatization to cloud services and to offer one cloud platform to our clients, we have started to build up one of the leading private and public cloud creating software - Openstack - that will give us the opportunity to offer customers automated and easy-to-use platform for our cloud services.

Products & Services

In first half of the year of 2016 we will provide main of our cloud services by using OpenStack. Cloud services like - Infrastructure as a Service, Back-up as a Service, including different software possibilities to clouds etc.

For More Information

Please contact us at [email protected]