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Company Profile: City Network

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City Network



City Network launched the award winning service City Cloud (IaaS) in 2009. Since then we have added more than 1700 customers to our public cloud and we have 27 data centers around the world with a global private network connecting the DCs and our customers.

City Network is working diligently according to numerous ISO-standards such as ISO-9001, 27001 and 14001. We are focused on making sure each and every customer is compliant - from bank- and finance to various globaldirectives (such as EU and US) that are broader and affects a majority of companies. Each data center is ISO 27001-certified or equivalent.

Combination of OpenStack and allowing for compliance of all data - creates peace of mind without impeding todays must haves such as flexibilty and automation.

Contributions To OpenStack From City Network

As the leading European public cloud provider we help the community grow. Among some events we create to further OpenStack in Europe is OpenStack Days Nordic:

Products & Services

City Cloud is Europes leading public cloud based on OpenStack. We also offer OpenStack-based private clouds in all our 27 data centers around the world.

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Please contact us at [email protected]