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Company Profile: BigTec UK

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BigTec UK

Data Centre Transformation


BigTec UK is the value added distributor for datacentre transformation.  As enterprises look to increase the performance and flexibility of their core IT and data assets, while streamlining expenditure into an OPEX model, BigTec helps its partners harness the opportunities from new cloud architectures and virtualised datacentre functions that are progressively more web-scale and software-defined.


Contributions To OpenStack From BigTec UK

BigTec UK are leading the development of hybrid compute platforms which utilise next generation technology together with orchestration tools such as OpenStack. BigTec UK is building reference architectures to demonstrate integration betwene OpenStack and these nxt generation technology platforms.

Products & Services

BigTec UK look to utilise OpenStack together with best of breed cloud native and cloud technologies, including Nutanix, Rubrik, AVI Networks, and Morpheus, to name but a few.

For More Information

Please contact us at [email protected]/uk